We need media activists

We need media activists

Only people who join our partisan cells are not enough. Our network should be much wider. It is exactly OUR network with YOU, because we do not exist in isolation from you: we are you – the Free Idel-Ural movement includes representatives of each of the peoples of the Volga region and the Ural. We do not reflect the mind of only one specific people, but try to take into account the opinions of all the indigenous peoples of our region. Therefore, we should not just be aware – we should be omnipresent.

These are our republics, and we are obliged to know information about them faster and to a greater extent than distant and clumsy Moscow gets to know. We need people everywhere locally who will tell in more detail and honestly about the problems of their city/district, share nonpublic information about officials, tell about the minds of people in their neighborhood or locality.

Information is the most powerful weapon, so whoever has it is always a few steps ahead. Let’s get ahead of Moscow so as not to give it the slightest chance to maintain its power in our republics.

If you are ready to help, write here. Session Private Messenger (does not require a phone number during registration).

Session ID for contacting us: 05ecc862910dbfb3b27536eaa51d284f2dd8fa7f90a0e91a1372b56a981b3ac671

Video instruction for use. You can install the messenger on any device using this link or find it through a Google search.


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