War for free passage on the bridge

War for free passage on the bridge

In Udmurtia, residents of the Kambarsky district succeeded in having their fares reimbursed if they went to the HOSPITAL outside the district along the toll bridges over the Kama and Buy. Previously, benefits were only for children, pensioners, pregnant women, disabled people and participants in Kremlin wars.

This is just wonderful. There are toll bridges and toll roads in many countries of the world, this is done to have resources for regular maintenance and repairs. For the money that Russia threw away just for the Crimean bridge alone (not to mention the daily costs for the 10-year war), it would be possible to build bridges with free passage throughout the whole Udmurtia and maintain them for several decades, so that locals do not have to go across rivers on unreliable ice, which can crack any moment, especially during a thaw.

While Moscow was advertising passage across the Crimean Bridge (free), many settlements in Udmurtia were advertising the opening of ice crossings and several toll bridges.

Let the relatives (not parents or children, but brothers, sisters, etc.) of those fighting, each time going across these bridges and paying for the passage, remember that this is only thanks to the narrow-mindedness of their family members that the majority have to pay for the passage, while the culprits of everything, that is, the war participants, will go along them for free. And accordingly, if one of the participants in the war gets into an ice hole where there are only ice crossings, let him not resist and drown. This is the fate that they created for themselves, because bridges did not appear or collapsed precisely due to their actions. 

They defeated everyone in the war for free passage on the bridges for themselves, although it could be free for any person.


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