Vile “Khokhols`” UFO

Vile “Khokhols`” UFO

In Alabuga, what had to happen happened; everyone knew about this fatal inevitability. From the very beginning! But they tried not to speak out loud or even think – they drove away bad thoughts. Maybe they did the right thing, but… I would like parents to understand where they are sending their children, and to listen less to the lies that their sons and daughters are helping to defend their homeland. In fact, their children help kill civilians far away from their homeland! To kill people who did nothing wrong to them.

Comparing post factum two comments about the “pop” in Alabuga, I am convinced how far propaganda is from real life. At first, a television propagandist against the backdrop of a damaged “peaceful student dormitory” (well, all schools, hospitals and kindergartens in Ukraine are inhabited by NATO mercenaries or neo-Nazis from Azov, they are a legal target for Russian missiles and bombs. And all Russian enterprises, including military ones, are peaceful civilian objects, and shooting at them is prohibited, otherwise Lavrov will shout to the whole world about the inadmissibility of violating the Geneva Conventions)… so, this television propagandist is completely pumping out all possible political dividends from the situation: they have attacked, damned “Khokhols”, on the descendants of the victorious soldiers who conquered Paris and Berlin, and moreover, these bastards also have organized a terrorist attack in Crocus, and are also tormenting peaceful and defenseless residents of the Belgorod region, and now they have attacked a student dormitory where young Russians live, learning to design and assemble aircrafts for defense air borders of the fatherland.

This is a very heartfelt speech, especially if you do not know that the leadership of both the country and the republic absolutely consciously boasted a year ago about the Alabuga buildings of the military-industrial facility being erected, television excitedly sang odes and hymns, threatening the enemy in advance with the use of effective weapons of the new generation. So the place was highlighted, and the specifics of production, and product samples… And what did our statesmen think after that? They probably thought that Ukrainian missiles and drones would not reach them.

After all, they could not seriously think that they were invulnerable, like Achilles, and immortal, like the Phoenix bird. Or maybe they did not think about this at all? It is not their, masters’, business, it is not their children who will work there, it is not them that Ukrainian fiery arrows will fly at.

Confirmation of this thoughtful indifference was the speech of R. Minnikhanov, wise to the point of stupidity or, conversely, stupid to the point of wisdom. “This hit on the dorm is a sign from above so that we are ready to defend ourselves. No one will help us except ourselves, there will be no air defense cover – they are busy with other things, more important than Yelabuga and Nizhnekamsk! For me personally, these words sound like, “Well, did you, idiots, think someone besides yourselves and your parents needed you? Ha ha, what idiots you are!”

What is proposed by high authorities to protect such an important defense facility with its deceived workers? Well, it is proposed to solve the issue on their own! “In what way?” you ask. And this is a puzzle worthy of the wisest sage. The malicious “Khokhols”, for example, in such a situation travel all over the world and beg for air defense systems from everyone they can – from Germany to Israel… and sometimes they are given them. But what should Minnikhanov do, where should he go to beg for anti-aircraft systems? To Turkey? But he can be received there, as during last year’s visit to Gagauzia, when at the Chisinau airport he was not even allowed to get off the plane. They did not even allow our elderly rais to go to the airport toilet to pee, although they knew that he did not have a camp closet like V.V. Putin, he has not yet matured to such privileges. So the poor guy suffered until the flight.

In short, the protection of Alabuga does not work out; they did not think about this when building the plant, they could not believe that something dangerous could fly here.

And it will still fly, one does not need to go to the fortune teller! Experts claim that the refinery in Nizhnekamsk and the drone plant in Alabuga were allegedly attacked by the Ukrainian UJ-22 Airborne drone, however, according to its characteristics, its maximum flight range is up to 800 km, despite the fact that the distance from the Ukrainian border to Elabuga is not less than 1200 km.

It is not entirely clear what the “Khokhols” hit with, either it was a converted Cessna, an American small-engine aircraft, or a Soviet-designed Swift, or with their newly developed drone, assembled at a secret plant in Kharkiv… The “Khokhols” laugh, “ It was a UFO! What should the poor Tatar answer? Shaitan knows! One thing is clear: to be honest, there is nothing to protect students in Alabuga and oil workers in Nizhnekamsk! Although… There was such a joke in the Soviet army when a recruit was forced to climb onto the roof of the barracks with a mop and “to disperse radio interference” with this complex radio-electronic instrument with a wooden handle… Maybe this will work to repel attacks of Ukrainian drones? Comrade Minnikhanov, what do you think?

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