Today is World Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Today is World Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The day that does not exist in Russia. From the Kremlin, we are told about how to decolonize other countries, but in no case should we touch the Russian Federation – after all, “everyone here lives in harmony and voluntarily.” And if it is not so, and someone does not agree, we will kill them, imprison them, break them.

Our cultures are ridiculous and shameful, our languages are primitive and not obligatory, our peoples are not capable of statehood and live only at the expense of the Muscovites, and therefore we should always be grateful to them. This is all that is hammered into our consciousness from infancy for generations. The people who took almost everything from us tell us that we ourselves gave it away.

They are allowed to be proud of everything they consider theirs – even if it is stolen from us. They are allowed to glorify themselves on our lands, they are allowed to have any of their heroes, everything is allowed.

No one will free us unless we free ourselves.

Join us and together we will save our lands from occupation.


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