Today is the Day of the USSR Invasion of Poland

Today is the Day of the USSR Invasion of Poland

Although the Russian imperialists do not like to remember the period of cooperation between the Soviets and the German Nazis, they nevertheless enjoy the fact of the joint attack on the Polish state.

Then there will be a month-long assault on the Polish garrison in the Brest Fortress (real heroes, not those from the Soviet garrison who later resisted the German Nazis), mass deportations to Siberia, Katyn (25,000) and Kharkov (4,000) executions of Polish officers and intellectuals (the German Nazis did the same for their part, shooting more than 20,000 Polish people according to the lists compiled by the Abwehr).

Besides all this, there was one more fact that the Kremlin is trying to keep silent: all the Polish Jews who fled from the German occupation zone towards the Soviet Union were caught by the Soviets and returned to the hands of the German Nazis. The Soviets prepared the fate of exiles for their Jewish fellow citizens, even creating the “Jewish Autonomous Region” for them in the Far East. But Jews began to flee from the USSR, so it was not possible to simply deport them – only a few were exiled.

Today is also the 75th anniversary of the assassination of the Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, godfather of Carl XVI Gustav, the King of Sweden. In the spring of 1945, Folke organized the transportation of 20,000 Jews from Nazi concentration camps to Sweden by buses with red crosses so that the agonizing Reich would not exterminate them. Folke also developed the peace plan, according to which most of what is now Israel was to be a zone of Arab settlements, and Jerusalem was to be the international territory – in order to prevent war between Jews and Arabs. But it was beneficial for the Soviets that there would be a war. In 1948 Lehi, the Soviet-funded terrorist organization, shot up Folke’s car in the suburbs of Jerusalem.

All this has been done by the state that has not at all repented of its crimes and is absolutely not against committing more and more massacres, including Jews, and anti-Semitism has become an official part of the Kremlin’s state policy, when the whole king does not hesitate to periodically show his hatred of Jews, while talking about “intolerance towards Nazism.”

At the same time, tens of thousands of Hasidic pilgrims come to “Nazi” Ukraine every autumn, who want to celebrate the Jewish New Year at the burial places in Uman of their tzaddik (preacher) Nachman from Bratslav. What kind of Nazism is this, where Jews strive to come, and those who live in Ukraine fight for this “Nazism” even as part of the Azov regiment?

Please note that in Uman, even street signs are duplicated in Hebrew. And no one writes, “I rent an apartment only to Slavs.”


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