Today is the Artificial Holodomors (Femine) Victims Remembrance Day

Today is the Artificial Holodomors (Femine) Victims Remembrance Day

On the last Saturday of November, Ukraine commemorates the Holodomors (Femine) Victims Remembrance Day – the day of great grief for every Ukrainian. The Soviet and Russian authorities recognize only the fact of the periods of famine, but not their artificial nature. Although the evidence of the man-made famines is undeniable and is even reflected in Soviet documents.




These periods will be forever remembered in history as one of the most significant manifestations of the misanthropic nature of the Kremlin authority. Unlike Ukraine, there were two artificial famines in our Volga-Ural region, not three – Stalin organized the Holodomor of 1946-1947 in territories previously under Nazi occupation in order to remind the population “whose power is here” and who they should be feared of. Although Kremlin propaganda attributes that massive famine to the post-war devastation, there was no large-scale famine either during the war or from 1944 to 1946 (the Germans were driven out of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) in 1944). It only began when the Bolsheviks began going from house to house and confiscating supplies for the winter.

Although in all periods of artificial Holodomors the Bolsheviks initially announced the confiscation of “surplus” grain, the Bolshevik surplus-appropriation detachments confiscated from the population not only grain, but also all food supplies that they could find – supposedly as a fine in kind for the missing grain that should have been handed over by the residents. Most of the confiscated harvest was sold abroad – for this money the Soviets industrialized and modernized their economy.

That is, when the Ruscists say that “if you do not like the USSR, then destroy everything that the Soviets built” – they demand from us to destroy what the Soviets built on the bones of our peoples. When in 1921-1923 the American company Ara sent whole caravans of humanitarian aid to the Volga region in order to save at least part of the population, the Bolsheviks sold grain abroad. To buy weapons and machinery for the endless expansion of the empire. Our ancestors starved and died en masse so that the Ruscists scum could build another tank factory for themselves and conquer new countries.

The Holodomors (Femine) Victims Commemoration Day is the date that has been established so far in Ukraine, but it should be established in  the republics that suffered from the Holodomors. Because this is our history also. Now the Ruscists are demolishing monuments to the victims of the Holodomor in Ukraine, but here, on our lands, it has never even been allowed to install such monuments.

Moscow has always stated that it is not against organizing a new Holodomor. First to the Ukrainians, and then to others – when it deems it necessary.

Therefore, all the stories of the Ruscists about “the republics of the Idel-Ural will not survive without Russia” should always come across the counterargument that it was exactly Russia that always sought to exterminate our population not only through assimilation, but also physically. Let us be poor little republics, but alive and free nations, rather than “superpower” territories, but extinct peoples. Literally extinct. The superpower will still have territories, but we will no longer be there.

When you see how someone is trying to drive a wedge between the peoples of the Idel-Ural in order to cause confrontation among us, to the delight of the Kremlin, remember the cost of disunity in the war with Moscow: at first our ancestors were distrustful of each other, then they “tired of struggling” against the Muscovites and bought into their tales of a better life without war, and then, maddened by hunger, they had to eat their dead children.


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