These are the “states” Moscow was going to make of us

These are the “states” Moscow was going to make of us

It calls this process “consolidation.” These regions were invented exclusively on economic grounds, and specifically on Councils of National Economy. Their goal is that raw materials and products most efficiently get from these colonies to the center of the empire, and that they could be managed without regard to any indigenous peoples, since their existence would not only be not recognized (as it is now practically not recognized), but would in principle be prohibited.

If you do not call yourself a “Soviet person”, but in other words, the prison is waiting for you. If you speak a language other than Russian, you are an enemy of the people and a Nazi. The plan for such a transformation began to be developed back in 1957. It could have been developed earlier, even under Lenin, but at that time the national elites of hundreds of nations still had significant power and influence, so Moscow decided to postpone its insidious plan for some time – until the main mass of the intellectuals of these nations was destroyed or re-educated for itself.

In 1957, they decided that the time had come and began drawing up a plan. Khrushchev was going to bring it to life. However, the change of power in the Kremlin to Brezhnev and the debunking of Khrushchev’s personality cult again put the plan on the back burner. Andropov took it out again, but by chance he did not live long, and that was good. Otherwise, no one would have any republics. Even those main 15 republics would not exist, not to mention those included in the Russian Soviet Federative Social Republic.

This plan has not gone anywhere. Moscow still wants to implement it and continues its attack on the sovereignty of every nation. Even if this is paper sovereignty, Moscow is not satisfied even with that. It needs no nations to exist except for the artificial formation: Russians → Soviet people → Eurasians. Moreover, if the words “Soviet people” or “Russians” in the Moscow paradigm became equal to the word “Russians,” then “Eurasians” would also be perceived by Moscow as the same “Russians.”


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