There is nothing personal

There is nothing personal

Some nights in some Russian territories from a certain point may become not entirely cozy and calm. What is the cause? And think for yourself

A couple of days ago, Russian planes attacked the Epicenter construction supermarket in Kharkov with two guided bombs. Of course, no one intended to harm peaceful Ukrainian citizens and civil infrastructure. The task was to hit American military instructors and CIA agents hiding among cans of paint, as well as the “UAV assembly base”… Well, the one in the plumbing department, among the faucets and toilets! It was there, according to Russian military analysts, that the Khokhols (Ukrainians) made these damned drones! As a result, 19 people were killed, more than 40 were injured, but for some reason – all civilians, including children. The fire in the supermarket took 16 hours, leaving only overheated pieces of iron and charred cinders. DNA tests are collected from small children to identify the fragmented and charred remains of their relatives: dads, moms…

How will Ukrainians react to citizens of Tatarstan working in military factories after this? Actually, they did not treat the “military industry Tatars” very well before, and now they will only scold their leadership for delays in scaling up the production of their own long-range missiles.

For the moment, the record for Ukrainian UAVs is more than 1600 km. The Tatars are lucky that so far it is only a UAV. Over there, Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory were hit by UKRAINIAN Neptune missiles, which are not subject to the American-German ban on strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation. And what if the Ukrainians do launch their missiles with a range of 1000+ km? What then could happen to the military plant in Yelabuga? Surely it will be the first legitimate military target!

So far in the Russian Federation, most of all the Belgorod region and the occupied Crimea are hit, that has long ceased to be a place of serene family vacation for Russians and has been transformed into a military base of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which is increasingly being hit. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not hit places where “Iranian UAV instructors” and “North Korean missile specialists” gather in the form of supermarkets, markets, train stations and other places where civilians gather, as Russia is used to doing.

So, I think that the Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will sooner or later find an opportunity to deliver not only an unsettling, but also a targeted strike on the drone production center in Tatarstan. Well, there is nothing you can do about it, fellow countrymen… As they say, there is nothing personal, this is the war!


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