The story about a native of Chuvashia who became a Ukrainian IPSO, or the Broken Navigator of Childhood

The story about a native of Chuvashia who became a Ukrainian IPSO, or the Broken Navigator of Childhood

Yuriy Galushko, a Kharkov resident, got married in 2013 and began to live with his wife in neighboring Belgorod, where he worked as a security guard at a metal structures plant and had two children during a decade and a half of their marriage.

Over the years, Yuriy`s eyesight became poor, but he did not have money for the operation. Vision is very important for a security guard – he cannot live without it. In addition, Yuriy loved to read and could not live without books. He decided to join the army, because they promised large payments. Thus Galushko ended up in the 10th Tank Regiment of the 8th Army of the Southern Military District and was assigned to military unit 24314 near Aleksandrovka, the area of ​​Valuyki town (Kupyansk direction of the front). Soon he was awarded the junior sergeant rank.

Yuriy knew that the Russians wanted to wipe off every Ukrainian city off the map, but what could one person do against the entire military machine of the empire? It turned out that one person is capable of a lot.

The Kupyansk direction of the front is the Kharkov region. Just a hundred kilometers from Kupyansk, Yuriy’s mother lives in Kharkov. He begged her to move to his family in Belgorod, where there was less shelling, but his mother refused flatly – for her, the Nazi Russian Federation was the enemy, and going to the enemy was unacceptable for her. One day, during the bombing, Yuriy’s mother unsuccessfully ran into a shelter (it was dark due to Russian attacks on power plants), fell and broke her arm. Having mental turmoil because of her city being bombed out, her broken arm and her son serving in the enemy army, his mother suffered a stroke.

Having learned about everything, Yuriy wanted to leave the army and get to his mother in a roundabout way, but no one was going to let him go. His fellow soldiers knew about his origin and, being brought up in hatred of the Ukrainian people, expressed this hatred both towards Yuriy’s mother and towards himself. Then Yuriy realized that either he would become a traitor to his people forever and would never see his mother again, or he needed to start acting. No eye surgery, no amount of money was worth it.

Before leaving the military unit on May 4, junior sergeant Yuriy Galushko shot 6 Russian occupiers who came to his native Kharkov region – including with the goal of killing his mother. An AK-12 assault rifle with a silencer helped Yuriy do everything quietly and escape. Among the killed occupiers was the chief of staff of the division, Major Dmitriy Kuchaev, 36 years old, from Çĕмĕрле Shumerlya Chuvash city. Back in the fall of 2023, this same Kuchaev attended the Childhood Navigator propaganda event in his hometown, where he told the students of the gymnasium № 8 about maintaining mental health at the war. The Rushists even called their ideology of preparing cannon fodder a new philosophy of education. Kuchaev’s desire to persuade the children of his homeland to fight for the foreign empire that occupied Chuvashia can hardly be called adequate. He will never persuade anyone again.

The family was never officially told that he had died – his fellow soldiers told. Russian propaganda media stated that this story was completely made up. That is, Kuchaev and his fellow soldiers went to the imperial war only with the goal of becoming part of the Ukrainian IPSO. Apparently, Russian Z-military correspondents believe that even Çĕмĕрле city itself never existed in Chuvashia.

Galushko is now on the run. They are looking for him in the Voronezh, Donetsk, Belgorod and Kharkov regions. But most likely, he will reach the positions of the  Armed Forces of Ukraine and will join the ranks of the Ukrainian army, where he should have been.

How much can one person do deep behind enemy lines? Yuriy showed that one person could do a lot.


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