The stole too much

The stole too much

Thousands of tons of grain in Bashkortostan are infected with a fungus due to the fact that last autumn they lay too long in the fields – they were not harvested because there was nowhere to store them.

They say, the record harvest is the reason for that, but it was during this exact period that there was a massive looting of Ukrainian grain, in which immigrants from Bashkortostan also participated. Khabirov’s people stole too much grain, and when it was time to harvest from their fields, it turned out that there was nowhere to store it. Everything was filled to capacity. They tried to sell it to neighboring republics – and the situation was almost the same there.

As a result, they were looking for a buyer for a long time, their grain in the fields was covered with mold and fungus, but then it was nevertheless collected. Now they are thinking what to do and where to put this grain. The fact is that stale grain is dangerous for people and animals and can lead to diseases and even death.

Imagine how much grain they brought out in a year and a half, of course, there will be nowhere to put their own. And they continue to bring it out: yesterday another train with stolen grain was derailed in Crimea. At 16:00 o’clock, 8 wagons were blown up, 50 meters of the railway track were destroyed.

The G7 countries are preparing a mechanism that will help to find stolen grain with chemical analysis. This means that marauders will not be able to sell this grain to most countries of the world, so no matter how much they steal, most will still rot or become moldy. That is, they will destroy both their own and someone else’s grain.


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