The state of Ichkeria fell, but even after many years the Muscovites are afraid of the Chechens

The state of Ichkeria fell, but even after many years the Muscovites are afraid of the Chechens

In many ethnic wars there are stories when large families were exterminated entirely.

Moussa Mangara of the Tutsi nation lost 30 relatives on his mother’s side in genocide of 1994. Several films have been made about these events, such as Rwanda Hotel, Shooting Dogs, etc. The whole world knows about this genocide.

Nadia Murad, Yezidi human rights activist from Tikrit, Iraq, lost her 6 brothers and sisters and parents – they were all killed by ISIL, and she was raped many times and sold into slavery. She escaped and told her story to the whole world.

However, there are those whose stories the world prefers to remain silent about, and films about them are almost never made, since they were indicated as “radical terrorists.”

On this day, December 11, 1994, Moscovia declared war on Ichkeria and began to methodically exterminate the Chechen nation.

Having driven this small but very brave nation into a trap with their fake terrorist attacks organized by the Federal Security Service, the Muscovites did not leave them the slightest chance – since then the whole world believed the Ichkerian patriots were “radical terrorists”, so why then not use those methods to defeat the enemy?

Imperial propaganda talks about the image of suicide attackers as of “drug addicts, on whom all sorts of hypnosis sessions were carried out and their consciousness was changed for a long time.” But in fact, these people were more than aware of what they were doing, why and who they were killing. Because they were not created by hypnosis, not by drugs or any suggestions – they were created by Moscow with its extreme cruelty and barbarity.

Today we will tell the story of one young Chechen woman who lost all her relatives and decided to put on a suicide belt.

Read her story here.

Partially, these tactics + the defiant and hateful behavior of the general mass of Chechens towards the Muscovites gave a good result: although the state of Ichkeria fell, even after many years the Muscovites are afraid of the Chechens. They are very afraid. Of any Chechens. And it is precisely this fear that will become one of the reasons why Moscow will lose the next confrontation with Chechen fighters for freedom and independence. That is, the Muscovites drove into a trap not only the occupied people, but also themselves. Now it is no longer very clear who was actually locked up with whom.

That war showed all of us that if the rebels are ready to go to the end, then no empire will be able to break an entire nation, but even on the contrary – such a nation will instill animal fear in every imperial and force him to say what was written by Russian soldiers at one of the bus stops of destroyed Grozny: “Hello, Chechnya, blue distances. We have seen the fu…k such beauty”


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