The pilot who died in the Azov Sea was from Tatarstan

It was about his death that all Russian correspondents began to publish angry posts, because there were hundreds of people in the sea and near the sea, but no one rushed to save the pilot – everyone was just commenting and filming.

His command claims that the flight was supposedly a training one and just an accident happened. Although, perhaps, he flew to bomb Ukraine and did not reach his destination.

Why did they not help him? The Empire, constantly propagating war and hatred for everyone around, has raised a population of cannibals who have no empathy even for those who are considered belonging to their nation. These creatures even perceive themselves more as a resource than as people. The resource of the empire. Was it possible to exchange their rest for the salvation of another particle of the empire’s resource? Women will give birth to more                                  children, and rest is more important.

Timur Khismatullin from Almetyevsk, studied at the school № 17. Given his consent to serve in the occupying army, and even for the interest of the enemies of his own homeland, he could be the same as those who did not save him.

It is a great tragedy for the Volga region, since many people go to serve the occupiers – often voluntarily.


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