The main thing is discipline!

The main thing is discipline!

Military discipline – it is such a thing! It is incomprehensible to civilian compatriots, and even is immediately acceptable not to all military men. Some people come to the service and think that they will receive the usual civil treatment here … That they will be surrounded with respect and attention, like a mother-in-law who has come to visit! Yep, that is clearly not the case! Not at all! Therefore, different excesses happen, which do not require a loud announcement to the whole wide world.

On the one hand, all these arriving recruits can be right, like the newly recruited person from Moscow region who yelled at the colonel. Why are they not preparing us for military operations, so that we are like the American Rambo, but they have been forcing us to march along the parade ground for ten days? The question is certainly correct, but if our hero quietly approached the colonel and politely asked … so and so, is it possible to get individual explanations about the design of the given automatic small arms? Or about which side the RPG-7 shoots from? Maybe everything would be all right, maybe our military man would have ended up to serve in a quiet place, far away from the front, and not behind bars for five years … But what can you do, countrymen, only a superior chief or inspector from the inspectorate who arrived at the unit has the right to scold an army colonel loudly. The summoned comrade did not think and violated military subordination, and he paid for that.

On the other hand, heads also sometimes go too far, especially at the front. There, you understand, there is no time to figure out who is right and who is not, whether you got drunk with vodka during your rest or right at the military post. So they come up with various improvements to the military regulations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation about disciplinary sanctions … Who orders to dig a pit for deserters, for unstable soldiers who refuse to go for machine guns without armor cover, for lax enlisted personnel, who are engaged in excessive drinking and run amok with a threat to drinking companions’ lives.

Just the other day, Tuvans and Kalmyks quarreled in a unit … well, you probably saw a video about this … or were they Buryats with Yakuts? The devil knows, now we do not remember, and what, to the devil, is the difference! The luckiest one, who was more fortunate than others to drink moonshine … by the way, Ukrainians have good moonshine! you will not find one like that here, they make all sorts of rubbish here … Well, we are distracted a little, it is a disorder. So this warrior shot two servicemen with personal automatic weapons, and he sat down to drink what was left … after all, it is good moonshi … Ugh, I am sorry, we are not talking about that now. In short, when the senior commanders came and began to reproach him, then this Bashkort … or was he a Tatar? You can kill me – I do not remember! He convincingly justified himself that these, he said, two already deceased soldiers, it turned out, they humiliated him on national and racial grounds and threatened with something there… So he stood up as a wall against xenophobia in the ranks of the  Armed Forces of the Russian Federation!

This is a completely military, front-line case – a drunken Tuvan argued with not very sober and polite Buryats … No, it still seems to me that they were also Tuvans … For example, you will not sit down to drink with just anyone, because with a fellow countryman you will like to share a table and a drink! Yes, it is clear that there are few things that unite them, therefore they did not find mutual understanding … the Tuvan was more fortunate – he turned out to be closer to the AK-74. Well, everyone already got used to, they will not make a fuss, the dead will be written off, and the lucky one will be sent to the “meat” attack … The usual story, guys, do not judge us harshly.

This is what violations of subordination lead to at the front, fellow countrymen! So! I repeat once again: therefore, in no case should you grumble at the authorities for the innovations in the list of punitive measures that are useful for the entire Russian military brotherhood! If you were lowered into a cold pit or tied to a tree until you sobered up, then you should immediately rejoice that the father-commander noticed in time the deviation from the charter and  preempted an incident discrediting the entire unit.

And in no case should you raise a noise, otherwise it will be bad for everyone. And for the one who shot, and for the already deceased, and for the commander … Here it will not be possible to let everything off, write it down as combat losses, so that the family of the unlucky drinking companions will not be left without payments. And any interference in this case by different civilians is absolutely unacceptable, due to their complete misunderstanding of front-line life! With their stupid talks about “human dignity”, etc. How have they not remembered about “humanism” yet! And this is at war! “Humanism and respect for military personnel” … Well, idiots, idiots!

That is why, I think, it is good that our disgraced countryman from Bikbulatovo village realized everything and recorded a statement together with commanders and fellow soldiers for YouTube. Translated into Russian, our suffering Bashkort says, “Come on, guys, do not make a big trouble, they did not hang me by the balls or by the neck on a tree. I need to forgive my fellow soldiers, I still have to fight together with them. And they secretly hinted to me that if I keep talking, then they will put a ramrod from RPK 74 in the ass, and it is more than half a meter long. No, fellow countrymen, thanks, of course, for the support, but I would still have survived 30 centimeters and would have agreed to protest further, but 57 cm is too much, it is overkill. Sorry, I have to accept the offer of the fellow soldiers and shut up. In short, “Glory to Russia!”, “Glory to Putin!” and “We will win!”

This is manly! Worthy of respect! In general, this is a good way to solve problems – the wolves are full, and the sheep are safe! The violator is restrained, and the commander is not exposed to risk! Everything is tip-top, the army is on top, and the drunkard is adequately punished and happy with everything.

And if he would try not to be pleased! From a unit such violators were sent for re-education to a neighboring barrage detachment, formed mainly from the “sons of the mountains” to get disciplined. They had a warrior there, a specialist in discipline… He was a former shepherd, a threat for all the donkeys in his area… So he carried out such preventive work with the violators sent to him that they were afraid of him like fire! There was no hope to get by with a thin ramrod, there you were easily assigned to the role of a donkey! How then could the offender return to his unit? The embarrassment is such that you can at least ask to go as a volunteer to attack the machine guns, otherwise the fellow countrymen will not let you pass, they will shout “ia-ia-ia” at your back!

So, fellow countrymen, the main thing is discipline! And not to make noise. Because the defense of the motherland is an honorable thing, it should not be discredited in any case.

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