The Kremlin king said that the losses of the Russian Federation are 20,000 people per month

The Kremlin king said that the losses of the Russian Federation are 20,000 people per month

He tried to talk about the losses of Ukraine and stated, that Ukraine allegedly loses 50,000 soldiers per month, 25,000 of them are killed, while (according to him) Russian soldiers die 5 times less. 

It turns out that Russian troops lose 5,000 killed and suffer 15,000 sanitary losses (3 to 1) in just one month. This is more than in both wars against Ichkeria. More losses have accumulated in 4 months than in 10 years of war in Afghanistan — 80,000.

He also stated that 1,348 captured Russian soldiers are being held in Ukraine, while the Zapad-1 prisoner of war camp alone has accepted at least 600 people, and Ukraine has built 4 such camps. In addition, the number of officially exchanged captured Russian soldiers has long ago exceeded 2,000 people. According to the I Want to Find resource, its employees have received 14,000 requests to search for missing Russian soldiers.

The number of Ukrainian prisoners in Russian camps, which Moscow cites, on the contrary, is regularly decreasing — if earlier they cited numbers of 10,000 prisoners per month or even 40 times more prisoners than Ukraine captured, now the number of Ukrainian prisoners in the Russian Federation has fallen to a minimum — 6,445 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (according to the supreme Nazi). Ukraine claims that about a third of captured Ukrainians are civilians, but does not indicate the exact number of prisoners, since due to the practice of capturing civilians from occupied territories, it is impossible to know exactly how many people the Russians captured.

Over the past 2 and a half years, more than 14,000 people from the Volga region have died, that is, on average 16 people died per day and at least 67 were injured – this is the data only for verified instances, in reality the numbers may not just be higher, but several times higher.


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