“The Future is Ahead: An Expert Perspective”. Appeal of the government of independent Tatarstan to the International Forum of the Crimean Platform expert network

“The Future is Ahead: An Expert Perspective”. Appeal of the government of independent Tatarstan to the International Forum of the Crimean Platform expert network

The Government of Independent Tatarstan welcomes all the participants, experts and politicians of the Crimean Platform International Forum. And we wish you fruitful work and successful achievement of the stated goals.

The theses:

1. About the Government of Independent Tatarstan. A brief history of the Tatars to the present day.

2. Revealing as a result of the war of Russia against Ukraine at the international level the methods of extermination of peoples by the existing system of power in Russia.

3. The ecological situation and the sophism of Russia in this matter.

4. Correlated strategic work with the peoples enslaved by Muscovy and organizations supporting the decolonization of Russia.

1. The Milli Mejlis of the Tatar People (the National Parliament), together with the intellectuals of the Tatar National Movement, driven to despair by the catastrophic situation of the Tatar people in Russia, established the Government of Tatarstan in exile in 2008. Today we are the successors of their struggle at the international level. In connection with geopolitical changes and the rapid processes in the world that have arisen as a result of a full-scale invasion of Russia into sovereign Ukraine, the main goal of the Government of Independent Tatarstan is the denuclearization, demilitarization, decolonization and the-imperialization of Russia and the restoration of the independent state – Tatarstan peaceful and controlled by international organizations and legal institutions.

Since 1552, the Tatars have been under the occupation of Muscovy. Today, the Tatars are the second largest nation in Russia after the Russians. We, the Tatars, are a nation with more than 1000 years of our own culture, language, religion and traditions. Also, our people being under Moscow occupation for 470 years, got used to adapting and surviving, while maintaining their identity. The Tatars, who remained outside the borders of modern Tatarstan, were subjected to ethnocide and currently constitute a minority in places of compact residence. Also, the well-known “famine in the Volga region” is nothing more than an absolutely artificially arranged genocide of the Tatar people to reduce their numbers in the original Tatar lands.

Tatarstan is an economically developed industrial region. Enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the Republic of Tatarstan fulfill various defense orders of the Russian Federation. Also, the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most important regions – donors of Russia, more than 70% of all taxes are taken by Moscow (and this is $ 11 billion). Today, huge funds are allocated from the budget of Tatarstan for the war in Ukraine. As a result of the illegal mobilization declared by Putin, young Tatars, who make up the gene pool of the Tatar people, are forcibly sent to the terrorist war. Thus, Moscow, with the complete subordination of the collaborating authorities of Tatarstan, draws our Republic into its war against sovereign Ukraine and makes the military responses of the Ukrainian army to Tatarstan logically legally justified. On this fact, we have repeatedly called on both the Kremlin authorities and the puppet authorities of Tatarstan to the international criminal court.

The attitude of the Russian authorities to the colonized peoples has always been the same – complete destruction. Today, the Putin regime is engaged in the final stage of this destruction. When creating a special International Tribunal on ethnocide over the peoples colonized by the Russian colonial regime, we, the peoples enslaved by Muscovy, are ready to work together to collect evidence of the genocide of our peoples.

2. The thirst for independence, the great desire to be free has never disappeared from the memory and character of the Tatar people. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the moments of historical turning points in the country, the Tatars rose to fight for their freedom. The current catastrophic situation of the Tatars in Russia, the lack of prospects for the preservation, let alone development, of us Tatars as a nation motivates us to fight for independence.

In this direction, we cooperate with the Forum of the Free Peoples of Post-Russia, the Free Nations League, the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of Eurasia and the Free Idel-Ural platform. The Free Idel-Ural platform sets the primary goal of creating independent states of: Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Erzyan Mastor, Chuvashia, Mokshen Mastor, Udmurtia and Mari El.

Muscovy has always been and remains a state with imperial ambitions. All its wars of conquest testified to this. The war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine and the occupation of its territories in 2014, including Crimea, became another proof of this. For 9 years, the whole world has been watching the violation of all the rights of the inhabitants of Crimea, as well as all international conventions. That is, violation of rights, freedom of speech, forced Russification and destruction of identity, freedom of personal security, illegal searches, kidnappings, illegal arrests, torture, rapes, long-term politically motivated criminal cases and murders – this is all that Russia has done and is doing until this day with the Tatars inside Russia, which has become especially massive since Putin came to power. And the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, with the anti-human actions of the Russian military proven at the international level, revealed the whole illegal, perverted essence of imperial Russia, as well as its methods of enslavement and subjugation, which have always been applied to the peoples enslaved by Muscovy. The strategic plans of the Program of the Government of Independent Tatarstan include an idea to create the International Tatar Human Rights Organization.

3. Regarding the issue of the consequences of Russian aggression for the ecology of Ukraine and the world, the issue requires more thorough and serious consideration. Today, this issue has been studied superficially, therefore, on behalf of the Government of Independent Tatarstan, we appeal to international organizations, to the UN with a request for a detailed consideration of the consequences at the Kakhovska HPP and the prevention of a possible environmental catastrophe in the future. Like the USSR, Russia always misleads the world about the chemical weapons stocks, about the scope of use of this or that prohibited substance or weapon, about the consequences of environmental disasters. After the collapse of the USSR, the first to declare this was a chemist, professor, doctor of chemical sciences Vil Mirzayanov (also the first Prime Minister of the Government of Tatarstan in exile). He outlined this in detail in his book the State Secret.

And the Chairman of the Milli Majlis of the Tatar People, Fauzia Bayramova, wrote a large literary and research work – a book called Nuclear Archipelago, or Atomic Genocide Against the Tatars about the tragedy of the Tatars who suffered from the nuclear disaster at the Mayak plant in the Chelyabinsk region in 1957. The result of the disaster is hundreds of thousands of people exposed to radiation, tens of thousands of square kilometers of contaminated territory. Tatarstan residents oppose plans to build a nuclear power and process plant (NPPP) for the production of hydrogen in the republic.

Albert Garapov, the Chairman of the Anti-Nuclear Society of Tatarstan, academician, member of the International Public Academy of Ecological Safety and Nature Management, has told what the main danger is, as well as the possibility of a global nuclear accident, similar to Chernobyl or Fukushima-1, the presence of hazardous radioactive waste, which requires special storage facilities for a thousand years, the expert listed the problems of the NPPP.

4. Thus, Russia is not only the aggressor country, but also the country that does not assume obligations when committing environmental disasters. For international security, and in particular security from the imperial “big neighbor ambitions” for Ukraine, it will be a strategically optimal option to support the ideas of denuclearization, demilitarization, decolonization and the-imperialization of Russia and support the formation of small independent, democratic states on its territory.

Please take into account the fact that further discussions on the formation of policies towards a strategy for the future of Russia should be conducted with representatives of the peoples enslaved by Muscovy, and not only with the “Moscow opposition”. The peaceful and controlled decolonization of Russia and the formation of new independent states in its place will be an incentive for the post-war security and the restoration of the legal order in the world, since Ukraine will not be able to plan calmness, peace and future strategic development for itself, as long as there is the “united state” with imperial and revanchist system of values.

The Government of Independent Tatarstan wishes victory to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, and fully supports the joint Declaration signed by 43 participating countries of the first summit of the Crimean Platform calling for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the internationally recognized borders.

We understand that the victory of Ukraine is also our victory! And also, we look forward to further cooperation and support. So that every representative of the Tatar nation feels the support of the interested forces and knows that the moral and political support of the allies will help us free ourselves from the chauvinistic Russian state and create our own free democratic state – Independent Tatarstan.


Rafis Kashapov – Prime Minister of the Government of Independent Tatarstan;

Aida Abdrakhmanova – Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Independent Tatarstan for national and religious issues;

Nafis Kashapov – Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Independent Tatarstan for sports;

Rais Mukhutdinov – Ambassador of the Government of Independent Tatarstan in the Republic of Turkey;

Nurlan Saltaev – Representative of the Government of Independent Tatarstan in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Dinar Minkaev – Representative of the Government of Independent Tatarstan in the Netherlands;

Farit Zakiev – Chairman of the All-Tatar Public Center (ATPC);

Ilnar Kamalov – Founder of the VATANCHY Movement.


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