The coat of arms of Kazan is a dragon. The coat of arms of Moscow is George the Victorious slaying a dragon

A Greek by origin, George the Victorious lived from 275 to 303 in Palestine and Cappadocia. He has nothing to do with Moscow. But on the other hand, the Muscovites stuck it on their coat of arms, because they did not have their own hero for this. In Moscow, the coat of arms began to be used under Vasily the Dark, who constantly fought against Kazan. In honor of what?

In honor of the war against the Kazan Khanate and the genocide of its population?

Now the rashists are justifying that, they say, George kills not a dragon, but a snake, but a dragon and a snake are the same, just from different languages.

Rashists are fighting with the same stripes, shoulder to shoulder with people from Tatarstan. Mankurts are satisfied with this. They are satisfied with being forever the third-rate people, satisfied with the position of the conquered people.

It is interesting that George himself was also from the mankurts. His father was executed by the Romans, and he devotedly served Rome, and only the persecution of Christians prompted him to rebel. These are the symbols of Muscovites – the hero who betrayed his father and his people for the sake of a foreign empire.


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