“The Buchan massacre is a fake, but we will repeat it for every nation”

“The Buchan massacre is a fake, but we will repeat it for every nation”

The main feature of the state language of hatred is that because of which any next nation in the role of enemy is perceived as an “enemy nation” much faster than the previous one.

For example, it took 20 years to create enemies from Ukrainians, and only one year was enough for the hate propaganda on the Kremlin info-dumps for Kazakhs to reach the same level. And the matter here is not a different faith and culture, because initially both Kazakhs and Ukrainians were perceived by Muscovites equally with contempt and chauvinism. Nevertheless, the majority of rashists did not seek to kill them only for their nationality. They simply despised, silently hated them, but they were not going to kill.

The state language of hatred extremely radicalized  the Russian Nazis, showed them that there were no moral barriers and they never existed – now they perceive new images of enemies appointed by the state much faster and easier. From now on, any subsequent “enemy nation” will be created by the propaganda machine not in years, but in months and even days.

Moreover, the propaganda machine already works not only from the top down, but also from the bottom up – the initiative now comes from the proletarian masses of Russian Nazis and is taken over by the Kremlin, since it seems to them to be more effective due to its greater bloodthirstiness, efficiency and even greater hatred.

So that if one morning the rashists wake up and plan to hunt down any of the rebels (or even non-rebels) peoples of the Volga region, then much less than a year will pass from the phrase “this non-Russian obeys us” to the phrase “we kill any of these under-minorities immediately on the spot”, as with Kazakhs.


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