Tatar Vera Zasulich?

Tatar Vera Zasulich?

The Soviet Regional Court of Kazan sentenced 18-year-old student Adela to two years probation for an attempt to set fire to a military unit. On October 2, 2022, she allegedly threw two bottles of incendiary mixture, but “none got hit” and set fire to “only grass”. In this connection, the terrorist attack of Vera Zasulich, a revolutionary during the Russian tsarism, is remembered. In January 1878, she came to the reception of Fyodor Trepov and fired a revolver, from which the bullet hit the left side of the St. Petersburg mayor. Zasulich was subsequently tried, but the situation in the country was such that the jury acquitted the girl.

And today we read Tatar Kyza turinda. Yeah, there’s no one braver than Adela in town. The rest of the brave men went by volunteers, semi-volunteers and non-volunteers to the Ukrainian front. Maybe riding a horse and carrying a sword in the old days would have been entrusted to Adele, not to the guys who thought they wanted to… but didn’t dare!

TV, it’s a fucking TV! What, there aren’t any brave guys in Kazan? It’s full! However, it is considered shameful to “show cowardice” and not come to the military command. “Neighbors and acquaintances will condemn.” How, their relatives and acquaintances have already gone to protect the Motherland in Ukraine, and you refused! And if at the same time dozens of your fellow countrymen, fooled by the propaganda, say: “Hurray, for the homeland, for Minnikhanov and Putin!” will you, who yesterday cursed and covered the republican government with all possible words, run after the mutton like a ram bounced from the herd? Afraid to be alone, to act on your own, and to think about your next steps? Decide for yourself, or is it worth rubbing in the pot that is driven to the abyss?

The author, unfortunately, does not know the statistics on the national data of evaders who fled from Russia abroad: since the beginning of the SWF, after the announcement of the mobilization, after the adoption of the law on electronic summonses… I wonder how many young Tatar boys took part in this vote with their feet? After all, it has been clear for a long time that Moscow is waging war at the expense of inmates, mobiles from the occupied territories, mobiles from the outskirts of the country (at the expense of indigenous peoples), mobiles from the interior of Russia (village, working village, town, single-town). In such a situation, it is not difficult to build a probable vector of government action. It shows that Tatar rowers will continue to row for use as cannon fodder. To drive to the slaughter to a foreign country under false Russian “songs about the main thing”, while the Tatar useful idiots will be delighted to raise their hands into the sky along with the song refrain “I’m Russian!”

Conscript-age compatriots, something must be done! First of all – think well! Note: the main age category of Russian ultra-patriots advocating the continuation of the war is 65+. And, mostly, these are Russian crusaders-chauvinists. Eget, Malay, what do you have in common with them?

But why did it get to Adele and not always get to men of draft age? Well, 40-year-olds have a family, kids, a household, an apartment-house… how to give it up? And the young man has everything in front of him and no weight behind him. Gathered and left away from subpoenas, military units, war and death on the Ukrainian fields. If you don’t have the courage to follow Adele’s path and take part in actions of direct action against Moscow’s colonial masters, then – a backpack behind your shoulders to Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey… 

A live Tatar waiter in Turkey is better than a dead batyr keshe lying unburied a month on the battlefield near Bahmut.

Don’t go to the military cell, don’t take subpoenas. Understand, you’re being driven into the tunnel of death by all means. If you take one step down this road, you will be chased to the end, which is not what to call “heroic”, not even a simple human language will turn. You’ll die like an animal! Therefore, predict your actions in the event of receiving an electronic summons through the public services. And if they were grabbed and sent to the front – contact the Ukrainian side, negotiate and surrender. Instructions on how to do this on the Internet are not difficult to find. At least you’ll stay alive.

For the sake of fairness, I would like to say that in Tatarstan, of course, not everyone agrees to flee in the mire of “military sheep”. There are those who see where the real fascists are, threatening their homeland – Tatarstan. There are cool guys who are able to resist the powdered propaganda of Moscow Nazism with their actions and actions – from putting up anti-war leaflets to acts of sabotage on the railway and arson at infrastructure and other facilities, but they are not enough yet.

We need more brave guys like Adela!

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