Tatar interest

<strong>Tatar interest</strong>

Many of the Tatars fighting for Moscow do this not because of Russian patriotism, but because of the habit of honoring ranks, out of respect for the opinion of a senior person / boss, showing honor to “big people”. Respect for ideological idols may be absent, it does not give anything to the Tatar, either morally or materially, and is perceived simply as rubbish. But ideological emptiness can sometimes give rise to very unpleasant things.

You read the Tatar media and plunge into the illusory world of the Tatar prosperity. Silence, tranquility and God’s grace! Only sometimes, for a change, it is diluted with everyday trifles like family scandals or illegal exploitation of birds by Kazan animators. Then there are “critical” articles about environmental violations (and who does not have them?), a message that Tatarstan took the third place in the ranking of regions according to social and economic situation after Moscow and St. Petersburg (oh, it is good to live in Russian country!) and the top news – “They will spend 20 million rubles on curbs and borders In Almetyevsk” … Not a word about the war! There is no war! Everyone is ordered to smile merrily and be proud of life in the prosperous Tatar abode of peace and diligence.

Many people would like it to be so, that prosperity surrounds us, that everyone is safe and can enjoy communication with his family. But if you try to look at least out of the corner of your eye outside the official media, you can come across very unpleasant videos on the Internet: Tatar guys from the Russian army, who were captured, told about their misadventures. In these woeful stories, the opposite is true. In the first place, tossing and turning in blood, the war comes out – incomprehensible and, as it turns out, unnecessary for anyone. Then a painful enumeration of hardships goes, for which the authorities are mostly to blame, and as a result – a conclusion about their own stupidity, arrogance, gullibility and naivety, which drove the Tatar guy into a terrible situation. “The commanders abandoned us…” or “they killed everyone, there were only two of us left from the squad, there was no communication, and we didn’t know what to do next…” or “we did not have any ammunition and food left, we did not even have water…”

In the first minutes of captivity, it was not even fear on the faces, but an animal dullness – due to overwhelming emotional overstrain, due to loss of orientation in time and space, due to misunderstanding of their own state – is everything over for you or is this just the beginning? Will they torture you, finish you off right on the battlefield, or send you to the rear?

After getting into a prisoner of war camp, in the conditions of a civilized but strict discipline, there is a period of assessing the situation and trying to put events in their places, of planning a possible future. For many, obviously, thoughts about how to get for the exchange as soon as possible and how not to get into the army again, to the front become predominant.

In captivity, there is a universal rule – do not argue, do not show yourself, agree with everything that you are told. Perhaps that is why all the interviews of our guys that get on YouTube are so stereotypical. Unfortunately, in addition to stereotyping, in these conversations with Ukrainian journalists, Tatar ex-warriors show another quality that one should not be proud of. We are talking about limited, primitive horizons, low cultural and educational levels. You listen to the statements – and it becomes clear that you are facing a not very literate person who believed in crude propaganda and did not bother to learn anything about the real state of affairs, who wanted to improve his not particularly successful material affairs by joining the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in linking the detrimental consequences of such a step with the reason for their appearance. Even after being in captivity! Some people continue to piously believe in “Nazis”.

When Ukrainian journalists break the myth about “ukrofascists”, “territories liberated from the Ukrainian regime”, “referendums” and other propaganda nonsense with facts, when they explain who actually attacked whom, our guys simply have nothing to say back. And they are not ready for such disputes – due to the habit of turning off their brains and trusting Russian television one hundred percent. I recall the stunned exclamation of one of our prisoners (although not a Tatar), “So, it turns out that everything was a lie that they told us?”

But if you put yourself in the place of the Ukrainians, who did not see and did not know any Nazis and NATO soldiers, but who felt the Russian bombing, occupation, loss of relatives and friends (very often not at all military people), devastation, etc. What is it like?

Just imagine that in Kazan, foreign soldiers stole all the fire trucks, all the ultrasound machines, all the MRIs, all the X-ray machines, not to mention computers, were taken out of all the hospitals. Trucks and minibuses were taken away from all their owners, all cars expensive and in good condition. Museums were robbed (that is, the entire fund was taken out cleanly), the best machines (sometimes entire production lines) were taken from plants and factories with modern expensive equipment. Tram rails and a trolleybus contact grid were cut out for scrap metal. They took everything they could take away.

It is already shameful to talk about everyday “acquisitions” of the “liberators”. Everyone knows about stolen household appliances, tablets, laptops, phones, jewelry … This is looting, bashfully covered up with the euphemism “trophies”. But people in Ukrainian cities, which are now under Russian control, have been accumulating all this for decades. Just imagine, for example, our Kazan after this!

Have you imagined? And know: then they will tell you that you have been liberated and you are helped in restoration! They will send a couple of trucks of humanitarian aid and will build two panel houses. Thank you, you blessed us!

And what is the Tatar interest here? What is the place in the war of the Empire with a neighboring country that did not attack anyone?

Agree, it is not at all necessary for a Tatar to rob and steal, loot in the occupied Ukrainian cities and villages. He is able to earn for himself everything that a good owner should have.

And if anyone finds it difficult, then he should be helped with advice and moral support, and not be sent to a foreign country to the people who have done nothing wrong either to Tatarstan or to an individual Tatar.

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