Take power stepping on dead bodies?

Take power stepping on dead bodies?

For some time, all our information resources have been persecuted by a harsh critic, accusing administrators and authors of all conceivable and unthinkable political mistakes and organizational sins. Here, for example, is one of the last such accusations: “Our goal is the collapse of Russia and the creation of new states on its ruins!” Strike out. Your goal is not the collapse of the Russian Federation, but the struggle for power in the civil war after Tatarstan gained independence. That is, some break up the Russian Federation, and others after the breakup are preparing to take advantage of the results of others’ efforts. To come to power on the corpses of both Ukrainians and Tatars.”

Serious accusations, you can’t say anything! Let’s try to oppose the critic.

First, our (politicians opposed to the current political regime in Tajikistan, both in the Republic itself and in exile) main task is to reform the modern Russian Empire. If this can be done peacefully, there will be no talk of destruction. What do we see in this case as the stages of reform? These include a change of leadership in the Russian Federation, bringing to justice the political establishment that led the country to war, holding extraordinary elections to the State Duma, amending the Constitution with the introduction of clauses on the right of free withdrawal from the Federation; in parallel, signing the Declaration on the Restoration of State Sovereignty of Tatarstan, preparation and holding of elections, formation of new executive bodies, negotiations on joining the Federation of the Peoples of Idel-Ural, etc.

Secondly, I want to point out that we do not hide the fact that we intend to fight for power in the process of creating a new Free Tatarstan. All political activity is aimed at gaining power. Only the methods and means of struggle must, in our view, be in conformity with contemporary international law.

Our program is the construction of a reformed Free Tatarstan as part of the Federation of Peoples of Idel-Ural (EU-type).

Thirdly, civil war, like any normal person, we want to avoid. We strongly reject the opposite view, because in such a war our own compatriots, for whom we are fighting the imperial regime, could suffer. We are ready to defend the right of citizens of Free Tatarstan to free expression of will with arms in our hands, but to start a war in order to remember all grievances and settle old scores with personal enemies is taboo for us. To address such issues, we plan to establish new judicial bodies capable of fairly and impartially punishing the guilty and acquitting the innocent.

Fourthly, we are not trying to warm our hands at another’s campfire by encouraging politically active Tatars to act unreasonably. On the contrary, we instruct them on the rules of preparation and conduct of actions of civil disobedience in order to ensure the safety of the participants, as well as to exclude the possibility of illegal criminal prosecution by the authorities. In this way, we try to help our fellow fighters achieve the real possible result in the liberation movement, saving every fighter from political slaughter. In addition to actions of sabotage, sabotage of military facilities and communications, we pay attention and work in the area of agitation and propaganda. Under the conditions of a complete monopoly of the authorities on the work of the media, under control of the Internet, and the impossibility of conducting face-to-face meetings with the population, we see a real way out of the situation in illegal work: dissemination of relevant truthful information, explanation of the goals of the struggle, enlistment of all conscientious and politically active Tatarstan citizens to their side.

The sabotage of the railroad and the arson of military units we approve and support. The people have the right to armed protection, but that is not the only way to fight. We need to reach out to the minds of sleeping ordinary people fooled by Goebbels TV propaganda. Already today on the streets of Tatar cities you can see on the walls leaflets and inscriptions with anti-war slogans “Return the mobilized to Tatarstan!”, “No war!”, etc. There should be as many of them as possible! You can’t walk past them without thinking again. The reader will return many times to the idea of the “rightness” of an unnecessary war. Combined with the arson of railways, industrial facilities and government offices, agitation is a very powerful way of fighting.

We understand that in calling for political resistance from citizens of national republics, we should not go beyond a sober assessment of their practical capabilities.  That’s why we’re conducting a practical seminar on security. We’re not trying to persuade anyone to become a victim. On the contrary, let the imperial satrap become the victim, let another imperial symbol disappear, let the militaristic potential of Russia falter, let the previously indifferent commoner doubt the correctness of the government’s course of war and raise his voice in the general protest chorus, let another unit of Tatars return home, refusing to kill and be killed.  And the lives of the fighters for independence will be very much needed for the construction of Free Tatarstan.

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