Disintegration can not only give freedom, but also bring people back

When the Russian Federation disintegrates, then all the territories, where it dominated, will face an economic and demographic shock.

This is inevitable and a completely natural process for the disintegration, because all the ties built over the centuries are broken, new obstacles appear, etc. But none of these upheavals are worse than where the Kremlin is leading us — into oblivion.

When the process of disintegration is in full swing, the outflow of the population from the capital of the empire will also begin. It will start in any case, even if suddenly Moscow could get out of paying reparations. After all, it will lose its colonies and it will have nothing to live on.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, a little more than 28,000 people remained from the millionth population of Rome by the time of the final collapse of the empire. Yes, many died from medieval epidemics, but even more were resettled due to wars or due to lack of resources – as Rome lost its colonies, its slaves and their resources. Only after more than one and a half thousand years, Rome was able to again reach an amount of a million people, and now it is already 2.67 million. Only now it is no longer the capital of the empire.

The same happened with the capitals of other empires.

When the Russian Federation disintegrates, it will be the same. For us, the main thing is that those who left the Volga region to live in Moscow and its region come back home, and not somewhere else in other countries and regions.