Сultural revolution

Сultural revolution

Volodya Kotlyarov, soloist and songwriter of the Pornofilm group, says that the Russian language was implanted by force, that all regions are different, and in the end concludes that Russia will disintegrate.

It is good when people of mass culture begin to understand the need for struggle.

An idea truly captures the population when it becomes truly mass one.

Many things are decided not only by reasoned anti-propaganda, but also by the people’s content itself, which, by the very fact of its existence, becomes anti-propaganda.

Talking about independence is good, but we need more songs, cartoons, movies, games, drawings, memes, books, etc. About independence, about the struggle against Moscow – both in the past and in the present.

However, we should not focus only on this struggle. We need to show people what the world of the Idel-Ural republics looks like without Moscow. What it was and what it can be. To show that children can grow up in a world where they will not even know about any Russian imperial culture. Like it does not exist in general.

One should not be super-powered or have a lot of money for this. One can create some things on his own right now with the existing knowledge or acquire new knowledge and create.


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