Start from the Orenburg corridor

Start from the Orenburg corridor

Moscow isn’t going to abandon the idea of “final solution” for national issues. The idea about liquidation of national republics is pronounced more and more often. The mission to probe the reaction of native peoples was entrusted to Marat Khusnullin (Russian Deputy Prime Minister of Tatar origin). Traditionally the real aim to destroy national republics is camouflaged as “caring about economic and social well-being of our citizens”.

Khusnullin stated he considers current principles of territorial and administrative organization of Russian Federation to be “wrong”; in his opinion, “85 regions are unnecessary” and instead agglomerations should work as growth points. Khusnullin himself claims that this talk is not about Moscow’s plans, but local officials have already  picked up the torch. Konstantin Tolkachev, chairman of National Assembly of Republic of Bashkortostan, elaborates the idea:

If a region has no real points to lean on, no resources for development, then inclusion within an economically stronger neighbor will provide it economical stability. On a national scale such consolidation removes administrative imbalance as well as provides more just distribution of the benefits. In this sense plans of territorial and administrative reorganization could have a practical sense.

Free Idel-Ural proposes Marat Khusnullin and Konstantin Tolkachev to make a very certain and community-beneficial step, namely to attach Kuvandykskiy and Gaiskiy  districts to Bashkortostan.

It should be reminded that our movement officially appealed to Khabirov with this suggestion in 2018.

Territories of the abovementioned districts were parts of Userganskiy and Zilairskiy and cantons of Autonomous Bashkir SSR; even nowadays Bashkirs and Tatars consist quite considerable part of population there. Unfortunately, in Orenburg region conditions for maintenance and development of Bashkir culture are extremely poor.

It is also important that the new borders of Republic of Bashkortostan should not only maximally embrace dwelling-places of Bashkirs but also strengthen economic and humanitarian relations between brotherly peoples of Bashkortostan and Kazakhstan. It should be reminded that Bashkir ASSR and Kazakh ASSR shared a common border till 1925, and Orenburg was the capital of Kazakhstan.


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