Free Idel-Ural: Kuvandykskiy and Gaiskiy districts should be transferred to Bashkortostan

Кувандыкский коридор

As it has become known from open sources, official Ufa initiated determination of administrative border of Republic of Bashkortostan. In current year Bashkortostan defined borders with the Perm’ region, legitimizing it with the special agreement. In 2019-2020 republican authorities intend to settle this question with other adjoining regions.

In particular, in 2019 it is planned to define borders with Orenburg oblast’. In that regard, Free Idel-Ural civic movement calls upon Bashkir authorities to raise an issue about transfer os Kuvandykskiy and Gaiskiy districts within modern-days Orenburg oblast’ to Republic of Bashkortostan.

Territories of these districts were parts of Userganskiy and Zilairskiy cantonas of Autonomous Bashkir SSR; nowadays Bashkirs and Tatars constitute a significant part of the population there. Unfortunately, in Orenburg oblast’ there are almost no proper conditions for maintenance and development of Bashkir culture.

It is also important that new borders of Republic of Bashkortostan not just maximally embrace natural areas of Bashkirs residence but also help to strengthen economic and humanitarian connections between fraternal peoples of Bashkortostan and Kazakhstan. It should be reminded, that common border between Bashkir ASSR and Kazak ASSR existed untill 1925, and Orenburg was the capital of Kazakhstan.


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