“Sovereignty” on the Russian scale

“Sovereignty” on the Russian scale

Again, the Tatars are offered instead of independence – a reservation where you can dance and sing in Tatar, dress up in national costumes and enjoy national dishes – “cultural autonomy” is called! Sabantuya at the state’s expense!

“You can do what you want, but do not stutter about possible statehood – we will never allow you to do it,” – say Russian empires of different natures. Here the author has the right to use a combination of words of this order – not “Russian”, but “Russian”… “Russian imperialists” are Russian chauvinists, advocating for the preservation of the imperial structure of statehood, plus mancurts from indigenous peoples, bribed with money, posts, benefits. Plus the “useful idiots of the Kremlin” who are flooded with our teachers, Iterians, officials, and officials, who are overjoyed to have been admitted to the “highest strata” of urban life. And if they’re lucky, the big boss can shake their hand himself, or they can get on the TV screen during another ultra-patriotic show.

But true independence and sovereignty does not consist in dancing in national costumes to Tatar harmony. 

If we turn to fact-checking, it will lead us to the information that the sovereignty of the state is a set of signs, such as:

· The absence of other state authority on the territory of the country;

· The ability to make independent decisions within the country and outside, in compliance with the norms of national and international law;

· extension of state power to all spheres of state life, to all population and public organizations of the country;

· Indivisibility of state power within its territory and only functional division into legislative, executive, judicial;

· The ability to make independent decisions outside the country while respecting the norms of international law and respecting the sovereignty of other countries;


Citizens of today’s Tatarstan have a complete discrepancy between what is available and what is desirable.

President/Unpresident Minnikhanov is effectively left with the authority of the “kivala” in the court session of the late Brezhnev era. He may agree and “disagree” when he is allowed to do so for tactical reasons (for authority). 

Do you remember what role was assigned to the Parliament of Tatarstan during the last (more precisely, “extreme”) amendment of the Constitution of Tajikistan? For the same “authority” the group of deputies was allowed to exaggerate a bit, to express themselves critically, and then the Parliament unitedly raised its hands for the Kremlin’s desired result.

Of the listed signs, Tatarstan really was left only 1. Extension of state power to all spheres of life yes 2. indivisibility of the power of the state within its territory (except functional, by branches). And in the absence of the heart, true meaning of any phenomenon, special attention will be paid to its external design, its various attribution and ornamentation. This is where the “Tatar national holidays” will take place with songs to the harmony and cakes with horse and other similar mass events for the final fooling of the Tatar masses. At the same time, try to at least sniff about the possibility, for example, of independent economic ties of Tatarstan outside the country – you will be fed these pies to death… You will disappear from the political sky of Tajikistan forever!

It remains only to ask the Tatars to think about such “sovereignty”. Think about it, and then do something about it. Or, if possible, support competent and determined people who see mistakes and know how to correct them.

Perhaps the present “self-reliance” will seem acceptable, acceptable to many. Well, then you will have to accept all the consequences of the “decorative sovereignty” of the native Republic. But if these consequences, in the end, turn out to be very bitter, do not say that you were not warned!

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