Smell of fried

Smell of fried

I think readers have already noticed the change in the tone of propaganda talk shows on central TV channels. However, in order to record such metamorphoses, viewers need to use their analytical skills at least to a minimum. After all, the change of tone has to be camouflaged to prevent suspicion of defeatism creeping in. So that the transition from brave zeal (“to defeat Ukraine in two days” by M. Simonyan, “blink an eye – and Ukraine will surrender” by V. Solovyov) to almost dramatic seriousness and pseudo-analysis of the military situation would be unnoticed.  In the course of the case, the Russian media is conducting a synchronous replacement of outdated versions of the development of military events, inventing new, more sophisticated versions. 

And it does not matter that they often contradict each other, the main rule in propaganda service of the war – “The show must go on!” Remember, at the beginning, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry I. Konashenkov, despite the real situation, only developed the theme of success (“on the battlefield without losses”). This was when Ukraine tried to negotiate with Moscow to evacuate thousands of dead Russian soldiers – it lacked the resources to properly bury them.  The next step in the propaganda war was the promotion of the slogan of “a gesture of goodwill” by the Russian military command. Well, when I had to get out of the northern regions of Ukraine and out of Kiev.

Then it became clear that this slogan was missing, and the population could start asking awkward questions. We had to construct a version about one or two incompetent military commanders who gave a blow near Kharkov and were immediately replaced by others, tested and competent. And to justify the inevitable withdrawal of the Russian Armed Forces from Kherson, the legend of the cunning strategic idea of the new commander of the Security Forces with the redeployment of troops to carry out a planned attack on the enemy has already been used. Then came the theory of Russia’s war against the collective West and NATO, which, of course, “somewhat” complicated the course of the conquest of Ukraine. At the same time, a new feature of telepsy – “partial mobilization” – was unfolding and introduced into the brain of the Russian citizen, who was entangled in all the intricacies of propaganda. But after that, everything will go smoothly! Russian propaganda tries not to give up, hinting with ostentatiousness: we still have many different ideas in store, we will still fool you, just will not give up! 

I am not talking here about our native Tatar sub-propagandists. Those who call to forget about their Tatar people and become impersonal “Russian”, the propeller of the Empire. These are our native mindless teachers, corrupt rural and urban officials who traded their people for a small but reliable salary, various security guards who became the dogs of the regime, and other unworthy words of “tatar” of a human being who sided with the colonizer. 

The ideological pumping of the Russian population continues and will continue until the very end, remember the fascist Reich! Until the last day, the Führer with J. Goebbels told the inhabitants of bombed German cities that the “weapons of revenge”, the famous “wunderwaffle”, was about to be used and the course of the war would change.

Our population will also believe their Führer until the very end, and will also believe after… Because to live a life believing in propaganda nonsense, and then immediately renounce erroneous views as a result of “sound reasoning” is impossible! Propaganda pus flows out of foolish heads only as a result of a series of successive painful blows. But this is how the process will take place among the fooled population, and at the top of the Russian Reich and the hosts of talk shows on CT things are a little different. I’m sure they’re already devising options, ways to escape and cover their tracks, ways to withdraw money to reliable offshore banks, maybe even tricks with a change of citizenship.  Kazakhstan? No, I don’t think so. Georgia? No, it’s not safe, the power could change. Far abroad? UAE? Where else? Europe is falling apart! Where, not to run to Cuba with North Korea!

In 1945, the British warned the population of German cities about the imminent bombing, and offered to evacuate. The first wave of planes dropped heavy bombs, which blew out entire blocks of houses. The second wave dropped incendiary bombs, very effective because of strong draughts in houses without windows or doors. In this regard, I would like to remind Russian propagandists of the English proverb: “A man living in a glass house should not throw stones!” They didn’t take it into account!

An Italian Duce also tried to escape at the end of the war, but the poor man and his mistress Clara Petacchi were caught, shot and hanged by their feet on a metal beam above a small town in northern Italy. 

Does the propaganda duo M. Simonyan and T. Keosayan think about such options of development of events? And equally fruitful in propaganda duo O. Skabeeva and E. Popov? And V. Solovyov with D. Kiselyov? And the funny, Sharikov-like propagandist S. Markov, who claimed in 2021-22 that 80% of Ukrainian officers are waiting for the opportunity to surrender and join the Russian Armed Forces, and the population of Ukraine will greet the “Russian liberators” with flowers? And many other regular TV liars who carry numbers? And the pathetic Ukrainian “hokhly” who fled to the Empire following the thieving ex-president Yanukovych and who are ready to pour shit on Russian TV at least to please their Moscow master?

It is possible that such apocalyptic scenarios will not come to pass, but the important thing is what THEY understand: events on the front are not developing as they have suggested, and will continue to do so for some time to come. It is not for nothing that “experts” are already appearing on propaganda grand-shows, calling for “thinking” and “proposing a settlement plan to America” (it is not said that Ukraine is not a subject of relations), arguing that “there are other ways and means” to win the war. Of course, nothing specific is being proposed, it is not their propaganda work, but hints of a possible change in the trend of the war are being laid.

And what should we, ordinary Russian citizens, do with all this? A simple Tatar farmer raising cows in the village? Or a worker at a military factory in a town where there’s no more work to be found? Does he have to think about how to transfer his foreign currency savings to a Swiss bank? Or how to change nationality to Israeli, since there was no extradition from Israel? No, he should rather think about how to survive a stupid war he does not need, preserve his property, and most importantly – to protect his sons and other male relatives from mobilization. And those who are younger and smarter, who see a little further and know how to compare the propaganda of a year ago with the current one, need to be more active and somehow take their fate into their own hands, rather than handing it over to those who with the help of false slogans on TV lure them to death!

People, do not expect truth from propaganda, think with your head! Gather together, discuss and find the truth, go out into the streets and speak out against the war, or it will be too late!

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