Sanctions are not effective – their consequences are

Sanctions are not effective – their consequences are

In Sterlitamak on Artyom str., 68 another elevator fell. This happened on May 16, but the media only started writing about it now. This time there was a 16-year-old girl in the elevator, and she survived flying at least 7 floors. She got off with a concussion and a compression fracture of the spine, her mother says, that her daughter was discharged three days later, without even much treatment or telling her what to do next. The elevator was not repaired after that.

Six months ago, an elevator with 5 men also fell in Ufa: the passengers did not die, but nothing was reported about the consequences for their health. This elevator was also not repaired and no attempt was made to find out the cause of the breakdown.

Despite such problems, Home. RF is not going to change anything in its work – they have neither proper funding nor the required quantity of spare parts, since funding was cut due to the war, and sanctions are preventing them from getting spare parts. Moreover, if it were possible to install new elevators, they would not break down for a long time and it would be impossible to steal the budget on their constant repair.

Although even if they were honest people, they still do not and will not have the required quantity of new elevators. There are 37 large elevator manufacturers in the Russian Federation, and all of them suffer from international sanctions, having extremely limited opportunities for purchasing the necessary machines, spare parts for them, spare parts for elevators, etc. They have to either refer to low-quality suppliers, or wait for a long time for high-quality products to reach the Russian Federation through roundabout fraudulent schemes.

Therefore, the service life of 70,000 outdated elevators will be extended for another 5 years, and in total (according to the data for 2024 of the Ministry of Construction) about 600,000 elevators in the Russian Federation are worn out by more than 50 %.

After the death of the Iranian dictator, who was forced to fly in an outdated helicopter due to the inability to obtain a new one (sanctions), Iranian propaganda no longer says that sanctions do not work. On the contrary, their propaganda now says that sanctions kill. But the ayatollah regime did not learn any lessons from its mistakes. The same will happen with Russian propaganda, which has gone much further than Iranian propaganda, talking about the usefulness of sanctions, and not just about their ineffectiveness.

In the end, all segments of the population will gradually begin to suffer from the sanctions. This is the way it was intended. To bring people out of their “comfort zone”, force them to rebel and sweep away the criminal power that is forcing the whole world to take protective measures.


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