Russification of Islam

Russification of Islam

I remember that in response to our article about Moscow’s rewriting of the canons of Islam, a wave of indignation arose, “This is impossible, unimaginable! The Qur`an is written in Arabic and it cannot be distorted.”

But that is clearly not the case. If one takes control of all the media, closes the population’s access to books and foreign Internet resources, and feeds the imams, it will be quite possible to rewrite Islam. Of course, not for everyone, but only for the population of the Russian Federation. Already now we have to doubt how reliably the Qur`an has been translated into Russian (or national languages) in different editions, especially in the new ones, supporting Putin. Not everyone speaks Arabic well enough to read it in the original.

In addition, in many cases with tame imams of the Kremlin, we can observe a distortion of the canons of Islam already in their sermons. They do not even have to rewrite anything – they just come up with a different interpretation. But as long as the Internet is available and the import of books from abroad is allowed, then such an “interpretation” is verifiable and can easily be questioned, and a corrupt or astray imam will be caught in a lie.

The situation will change dramatically when a new stage of the fight against “inconvenient” literature begins. Most opportunities to check the words of an imam or a text in the Qur`an and make sure that it is not distorted will disappear, or such an action will become extremely difficult or almost unreal.

We understand that many people will not like our publication again, but one should not categorically deny this course of events.

The fact is that previously, canonical Christianity of the Eastern (Byzantine) rite also had to be written exclusively in Bulgarian and in no other way. Translations were prohibited. But Moscow found a way out. It first began to distort the texts of Scripture, then demanded translation, and later most of the books in Bulgarian were sent to the fire because they did not comply with the new church-state “reforms”. By the way, books were often burned with their owners. If Moscow was able to rewrite one religion for itself (in the territory under its control), why cannot it do the same with another one? It will not be able to, only if it receives a worthy rebuff or if this state disintegrates. The first option is only temporary, since if this state survives, then no matter how much the population resists the repressive state machine, it will “push” its line.


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