Russians hand out leaflets to Kherson residents blaming the “collective West” for waging the war over Ukraine

Russians hand out leaflets to Kherson residents blaming the “collective West” for waging the war over Ukraine

In the occupied Kherson, Russians hand out leaflets in which they present their propaganda version of the war causes and urge local residents to spread the word in favour of the Russian Federation. The document has been obtained by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

“According to Western plans, both Russian and Ukrainian nations were to be destroyed. To prevent this, Russia was forced to defy the entire collective West and launch an operation to eliminate the Kyiv regime directed against the people,” the propaganda leaflet claims.

The inhabitants of the temporarily occupied Ukrainian city are being persuaded that the war is the result of the criminal policies of the corrupted Kyiv regime which has been orchestrating this war using foreign banknotes for 30 years.

The leaflets also highlight  “nazists’ crimes in Donbas”. Locals reassure that the Russian army “doesn’t fight against Ukrainian people”, however, they request not to approach Russian soldiers and not to carry weapons. The Chief Directorate of Intelligence to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine claims that around 824 new graves are detected on PlanetLab satellite images at Kherson cemetery. 

Kherson residents don’t trust Russian invaders and don’t cooperate with them. On March 05, thousands of people took to downtown and the Freedom Square for the first time to support sovereign Ukraine and resist the occupation. 

Ukrainians were carrying Ukrainian flags and shouting out  “Go home!” in the face of armed Russians, calling them “fascists” and swearing at them. Many people took to the streets showing their resistance against occupation in the Kherson oblast. Ukrainians in Genichesk, Novoalekseevka, Novotroitske, Nova Kakhovka, Skadovsk, Belozarka, Golaya Pristan, tens of villages and townships took to the streets to protest against the Russian occupation and show the invaders they are not welcomed here. 

Since that time, such rallies have been frequently taking place in the oblast centre and other towns. Ukrainians often force ruZZists to retreat, bare-handedly driving away APCs and KAMAZs with armed soldiers who occasionally shoot into the air or to the ground.

Reminder: Previously, to justify the war, the Kremlin, in addition to propaganda about the mythical “protection” of Donbas and confronting NATO, invented fakes about Ukraine’s intentions to develop nuclear weapons, biological weapons laboratories, “Nazis” in Ukraine, etc.

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