Russian culture = Russian world

Russian culture = Russian world

In 1922, Russian communists organized 5 trips of the Philosophical Ship. On them, writers, scientists, philosophers were evacuated, addressed precisely, from the communist paradise to the free world – but only those who considered themselves Russian. The evacuation was organized by the communists themselves, allowing emigration to those who did not speak either for or against communism. That is, they released “good Russians” so that they spread the ideas of the Russian world where the bolsheviks could not reach.

While the national intellectuals of all the nations of the USSR were destroyed in the dungeons, shot, starved, sent as cannon fodder to countless Kremlin wars, the “good Russians” were simply taken out. Because they understood that the Russians, no matter what pretentious front of liberals and democrats they assume, they almost always remain imperials, and the corrupting activities of these under-victim propagandists in the West were beneficial to the Soviets.

How many of such people are now going to other countries to talk about the “inadmissibility” of decolonization and the disintegration of the Russian Federation, about the “overwhelming majority” of Russians who disagree with the regime and beg to lift sanctions?

Who thinks that the Russian imperial culture does not kill – be sure that the Russians do not think so, because they created this culture from particles of the cultures of many nations, and in order for this culture to finally become their culture – these nations have either already been destroyed, or they are going to be destroyed.


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