Russian culture kills

You already know that first the empire destroys our cultures and languages, and then cracks down on the peoples. The surviving mankurts go to seize new territories, where everything will start anew – the destruction of a foreign culture, language, people.

But some of our subscribers believe that the imperial culture of the Muscovites is something separate, which should be considered beyond the confrontation with the empire.

And they are wrong. This is a part of the whole – the part of the large imperial machine that grinds peoples.

Can you immediately, without delving into your memory for a long time, name at least 5 famous writers, poets, artists, scientists, dancers and other people who have ever glorified the culture of your people?

Not? Then you should correct this defect by delving even more into the study of your culture, and not relying on “it will do as it is.”

Your culture and language is not only a connection with your ancestors, but also an opportunity for your people to survive in the fight against the empire.

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