“Russia is multinational in name only. In fact it is a state of one nation, which is called the titular nation”: the attitude towards Muslims in the russian army remains “special”

“Russia is multinational in name only. In fact it is a state of one nation, which is called the titular nation”: the attitude towards Muslims in the russian army remains “special”

Dislike for Muslims, who are actually all from the southern republics, is very common in the most “anti-Shevinist” and multinational country on earth.

The “Territory 404” Telegram channel reports on this.

For example, the issue of cooking food in accordance with the religious characteristics of some soldiers is not raised at all. If you do not eat pork, that is your problem, go hungry. Some units can prepare a separate menu for Muslims, but only for contract servicemen, while conscripts do not have this luxury.

“There is really no problem with a separate menu for Muslims. And it is possible. The main thing is not so much a desire, but banal respect. If anyone thinks it is difficult to cook separately for some minor group of people, it is not true. The Army has a separate diet menu, supplemental meals for soldiers with special needs. They are cooked separately, taking into account these recommendations. On the other hand, Muslims are never considered.”

“The interesting thing is that pork can be on the menu long enough. So you can do whatever you want. Or you can start eating it. Just to be clear, no one cares at all what you do not eat, it is your problem, eat what you’re given. It’s your choice not to eat. There are no dry rations for Muslims either, by the way,” says the report .

Also, “Territory 404” indicates that Muslims in the army are treated in a special way.

“When people (a group of conscripts to serve) are coming from North Caucasia , the command begins to worry about that. They do try to distribute them among the units. I think it is quite clear why. Small groups are easier to work with and the risk of non-statutory relationships is lower. In addition, small groups are easier to break in case of need,” reports the channel.

However, they add that the need often does not arise. As a rule, Caucasians are immediately placed on a “special register”: “I remember cases when young soldiers from Dagestan, who had just arrived in the unit, were brutally beaten that very night. So, three of the five ended up in the infirmary with serious injuries. They (Russians) got all five of them up at night and all the sergeants and officers beat them up. They (Russians) were just drinking, celebrating something, and decided that the “hajis” had to be “re-educated” at once, so that they would know  their place right away. In another case, at night, a drunken platoon commander and his friend, aka the airborne troopers, beat three young Dagestanis who were taken to hospital after that. The commander was completely drunken. Besides, airborne troopers are supposed to despise Caucasians.

In both cases none of the officials and participants were punished. In both cases, my comrades and I had to intercede because that would occur on a constant basis. That is the way it works. Both incidents took place at the same training center. For four years, conscripts from the Caucasia were not accepted there because of their “peculiarities”. And these are not individual cases that happened in one unit, it occurs systematically. In some units, all arriving Caucasians are sent somewhere far away, to places with the worst conditions, letting them stay there and choking each other to death.

The author of the post wonders how, with such an attitude toward natives of the Caucasia, Dagestanis are so fiercely involved in crimes against the Ukrainian people: “It is surprising to see people so detached from reality, who, out of their position as second-rate peoples, are doing everything for those who put them in this position.

Russia is multinational in name only. In fact, it is a state of one nation, which is called the titular nation. And anyone can become Russian by simply abandoning their roots, culture, and language. The attitude towards Muslims in Russia can be seen without going into closed structures. All you have to do is open your eyes.


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