Rights for Russians, a sledgehammer for indigenous peoples. 

 Rights for Russians, a sledgehammer for indigenous peoples. 

Tatarstan is changing the president to rais, while a Buryat village first changed its name and is now changing the colors of the flag – everything for Russians not to be offended or prejudiced.

In the meantime, the Russians are going to infringe on the indigenous peoples even more actively, so that the indigenous peoples, by their very existence, do not infringe on the Russians. For example, Sergei Mironov, the State Duma deputy from the Fair Russia for Truth party, calls for changing the rules of the Russian language, because the Russian population turned out to be too stupid to master the modern rules, and therefore fewer Russians enter universities.

“Just look at who enters universities! Anyone but Russians. They are eager for philology, history faculties! It is they who will shape the worldview of my grandchildren. And who can guarantee that they will tell, let’s say, the necessary, verified history of our state? Mironov reflects.

Many oppressed nations have a false stereotype that if you serve Moscow well, then it will be grateful to its servants. It is interesting what the current gauleiters of the republics will say if, instead of the promised high positions in the metropolis, the Russian Nazis will send them either into oblivion or to cut down the forest and develop uranium mines?


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