Ravil Ziganshin privatized Kazanka

Ravil Ziganshin privatized Kazanka

If one has been building something illegally for a long time, then over time the public gets tired of fighting this unauthorized construction, and then one can simply legalize the construction – no problems will arise. Ten years have passed: during this time a generation has already grown up who does not even remember that there was no construction there – for them this part of the city has long been lost and they would not have defended it. They do not know that there was supposed to be a park there.

First, the court again postponed the demolition of unauthorized long-term constructions, and now whoosh – and they are legal. But are they unauthorized constructions? Where is it possible that in the state that even monitors posts on the Internet – and suddenly there is a large illegal construction site?

Not long ago, even Minnikhanov visited these hotels, inspecting the progress of construction. He is getting ready for the BRICS summit. Due to the illegal construction, which he approved. He wants to present Russia to the respected partners in the best light at the expense of the interests of Kazan residents.


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