Radiy Khabirov’s press service claims he “visited the front line” in Donbass, where Khabirov’s mercenaries are stationed

There he met with Azat Badranov, who got fat matured.

Khabirov handed medals (no other than for feats of arms) to“ the guys from the front”, dressed in a new uniform. There, “on the front”, he recorded a video message. In the video lasting several minutes, not a single explosion, not a single shot is heard, not even the rumble of military equipment is heard. But you can clearly hear how cars drive along the asphalt road. There, in the “very hurricane of war”, Khabirov took a photo with matured Badranov.

Everything is as usual – while Khabirov’s army sits out with field wives far from the front line, earning statuses and benefits for himself – those mobilized from the villages and towns of Bashkortostan are disposed of on the front line. Khabirov proves his loyalty to the Kremlin and pays for his position with the corpses of the Bashkir guys.


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