Psychological assistance to veterans of the special military operation and citizens who did not participate in the military actions

Psychological assistance to veterans of the special military operation and citizens who did not participate in the military actions

It is kind of strange news – to cancel the parades on Victory Day, and at the same time to ban the processions of the Immortal Regiment. Rumor has it that the parades will be “disbanded” (oh, Vladimir Vladimirovich came up with a good word) because of the possible provocations of the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups and their vile drones. You must have heard about two such enemy kamikaze drones found in the immediate proximity of the capital of our long-suffering (due to the presence of idiots in power) homeland. And the Russian population has not yet had time to get used to such messages. One also need to conduct psychological training with them, which gradually began to be the aim of leading propaganda talk shows, various Skabeevas, Simonyanshas with Solovyov, stupid Markov (giving out a photo of Ukrainian President Poroshenko with his son for a photo of the younger Peskov taking the military oath)… Although they still scare the whole world with an atomic bomb (as if they and all Russians will not be affected), the tone of the programs is already gradually changing. Questions such as “What does capitulation for Russia mean and what will it consist of?” are already being discussed.

But the psychological processing of the citizens of the Russian Federation still needs to be tightened up in order to prepare for a change in rhetoric. So that it would not be like a blow to their head: they were winning, winning and then once they started talking about defeat.

Before, after all, what were people in the rear prepared for? To the song of the victors, the bravura march of the brave warriors who defended the country with their breasts. And if the wives complained that their own spouse, having been demobilized or having come on vacation, became somehow aggressive, nervous and dangerous for others, they were explained that having got to the front, “our man” stepped on the path of heroes. Perhaps he did not rape anyone there and did not cut off anyone’s head. So, we will correct everything in him, send him to the doctors, give him a lot of care, maybe even pay a little more money … Is not it difficult for us to promise a little more money?

There were, of course, disruptions in the program of socialization of veterans of the special military operation. For example, a heroic husband could not stand the annoying buzzing of his wife and finally became a “Russian hero”, forcing his wife to become silent forever! Now, as a “mentally traumatized hero,” he should be sent to the next stage of “psychological rehabilitation” provided for such cases. There they will explain to him that killing peaceful Ukrainians is good, but doing exactly the same thing in Russia is very bad. But since this option of psychological assistance to the former Russian front-line soldiers also has its limits of effectiveness, a reserve working technique of “special socialization” was used. This highly effective scheme is characterized (previously it was tested on persons subjected to forced psychological correction in places not so remote, i.e. in prisons) by the universality of coverage of all categories of “Russian heroes” in any period of military service. The scheme includes the following steps:

– mobilization under a special contract from places of detention in PMC Wagner.

– performance of combat missions at the front near Bakhmut,

– demobilization from PMC Wagner at the end of the contract,

– a trial for the murder of a wife / neighbor / any other citizen of the Russian Federation,

– sending to a corrective labor colony,

– re-mobilization under a special contract in PMC Wagner,

– performance of combat missions at the front near Bakhmut.

Thus, from this side, the issue of psychological assistance is resolved – the own people are protected from the own people. But there is also an underlying fear of “strangers”, of the terrible Bandera Nazis, penetrating Russian territory in order to do bad things to peaceful Russians. For example, to steal a brave boy Fedya or to blow up a railway track or a pumping station … And I do not even want to talk about the latest sophisticated Ukrainian nasty things! They began to shoot rockets at the border regions of Russia! And – here is the main fear of Russian propagandists – now they aim at Moscow! At our precious capital, at our golden Moscow! There is no end of the work for the propagandists  – to explain, explain and explain! That white stone Moscow is reliably protected by our air defense, that Ukrainians do not have the weapons with required destructive range, that their drones are just psychological terror, etc.

But the parade on May 9, on the “Day of Russia’s Victory over the German fascists”, will still have to be canceled. Exclusively for the safety of the citizens! Because these Ukrainians, they … oooh how vile they are, they always lived at our expense and always strove to do meanness!

But here a seditious thought creeps to the author’s head … Does not an additional reason exist here? Despite all the author’s dislike for conspiracy theories, he is still tormented by vague doubts… Let’s imagine: a military parade has passed, demonstrating the military power of the state. It filled the hearts of the townsfolk with delight and confidence in victory over the evil enemy. Here the procession of the Immortal Regiment begins … and who will go in this Regiment? Is it only the proud descendants of the heroes of the Second World War? And if, God forbid, the relatives of the Russians killed in the special military operation also come there with portraits of the heroes on sticks? What will this be then? Such a situation can happen that no one knows how the procession will end. Once people will see the number of these portraits, this crowd will go in its mass in front of the stands … What then should propagandists lie, how to get out? After all, the population is still being blown into the ears that 5,000 our soldiers are killed . And all the wounded are either returned to service healthier than they were at the beginning, or they go home to recover, surrounded by the care and love of all the people and social security authorities.

No, the government cannot allow this under any circumstances. It is better to let the citizens think that the ban on parades is caused by attention to the safety of the population. Anything, any excuse will do! God forbid, people will see, think and ask, “What kind of trouble is this happening? Why did they kill so many people? Who needs this?”

No, no, to ban the parades, to develop a training manual for Simonyansha with Solovyov, let people be psychologically prepared, let them get out! They get paid big money for this!

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