Progress of the USA and the West against the “decaying” Russia: space achievements and creative freedom

While billionaires in Russia appear only by plundering resources and earning money from wars, and then try to take their fortune abroad and live comfortably there, in the “decaying West” they either become billionaires, driving progress, or, having already become a billionaire, a person invests huge amounts of money into science, so as not to lose, but to increase his capital, bringing benefit along the way.

ULA Launch reports that the United States has launched the first ever private module to the Moon.

The Vulcan launch vehicle carrying the Peregrine lunar landing module was launched from Cape Canaveral.

Developed by Astrobotic Technology company, the landing module, if successfully landed on the lunar surface, will become the first spacecraft in history created by the private company that achieved this goal.

Peregrine is scheduled to land on the surface of the Earth’s satellite on February 23. It will carry cargo to the Moon, including NASA scientific instruments, a rock from Mount Everest, and the ashes of Gene Roddenberry, creator of the Star Trek series,   and Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer.

In Russia, everything and always is absolutely controlled by the Kremlin. No independent development is possible where there are endless rows of special services and hangers-on standing over you, ready at any moment to steal your development, even in its raw stage, and to remove you, kill, slander or imprison you. And in general, creativity requires freedom of thought. The Kremlin teaches from infancy that all dissent is evil. As long as our republics are part of this damned state, they are destined to the eternal brain and resources drain, and all of our development will forever consist only of copying the achievements of free people. And even then, we are far behind in this, even in copying, because  one also needs to be somewhat developed for this. While our development is hampered by the metropolis, which sucks more and more from the colonies.


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