Polemic scam

Polemic scam

One of the admins of Free Idel Ural writes: “Listen, you can only dream all you want of alliances on the basis of kinship, but the fact is that the more national liberation movements “fragment” instead of taking a united front against the occupiers, the higher the chances of losing.”

I remember a story I read twenty years ago by American writer Jack Ritchie, who works in the genre of ironic detective, called “A Special Opinion.” There’s 12 jurors unable to reach a verdict because of one weirdo with a different opinion. The story is told on behalf of another juror, who criticizes, ridicules and humiliates this stubborn man for refusing to sign the approved verdict in the case of an outspoken mobster whose guilt is obvious. After all, when this oddball with a different opinion manages to convince him to join the verdict, the insulting critic who tortured this individualistic oddball opposes. Here is a quote from the final part of the story:

“As long as Watson was on his own, things were going well. It would be better for me if the jury didn’t reach a consensus because of him, which is why I kept insulting him, hoping to keep him stubborn.

But now Watson has changed his mind.

I looked at eleven jurors in surprise, and I knew I’d have to make my own money now. And you have to do it convincingly. Because O’Brien gave me ten thousand dollars to make sure the jury’s decision wasn’t unanimous.”

Sometimes, meeting once in a while with meaningless arguments about what was in the beginning, a Tatar chicken or a Bashkort egg, I begin to look at the participants and analyze the course of the discussion. A certain structure or, more precisely, the scheme of the discussion begins to crystallize and the impression that the discussion does not “go through”, does not develop, but is conducted by encrypted participants under the cover of topical, and sometimes simply scandalous statements and throws. So, at a certain stage, no-names appear under one-time nicknames (I do not claim that they are not the same person), and either begin to insult the participants or make such controversial statements that many conscientious interlocutors cannot help but engage in polemics, trying to refute obvious stupidity or abomination. Inter-ethnic relations, border issues and, of course, religious issues have often been the subject of such statements. This is where provocateurs hit most often. It is difficult to tolerate insults to the national dignity or religious feelings of a believer without reaction. But understand: they throw a hook on you, and then they try to cut you off. And now you’re fluttering helplessly in the air, and all your arguments are beat.

If all conscientious chat participants have strong nerves, then a second “opponent” enters the conversation, insulting the first and using the same stupid and outrageous arguments to justify their rightness. And what happens is what usually happens in these cases. Everybody throws themselves into the common dump and starts to use the common word for such things, “shit.” The topic, the idea, the meaning of the polemic disappears, the content escapes from the debate. Everyone forgets why they’re in the chat room. The productivity of being in such an “intellectual field” is rapidly approaching zero. The goal of these most hired brain-cloggers has been achieved! The empire we’re trying to fight may triumph! The field of solidarity national liberation struggle is sown with the teeth of the dragon of strife.

It is clear that our ideological opponents are most afraid of the unification of opposition forces, so their first task is to divide, sow mistrust and raise claims against each other.

The author of these lines, too, was sometimes annoyed by the participants in the discussions, but even the insulting comparisons and reproaches did not lead him to the idea of redirecting his efforts to quarrel and fight real patriots, who are very easy to distinguish: they have business ahead of words. They are willing to give in to the dispute for the common cause, for the liberation of their homeland from the oppression of the Empire.

Therefore, I appeal to my readers and associates in the liberation struggle: do not fall for the hook of provocateurs, remember the main thing. About his Free Homeland, whatever it is called!

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