Not to be left alone with the monster

We are all in the same harness – which must move and shake the foundation under Russia, and then say goodbye to it forever. Only together will we gain freedom – alone we will be crushed.

Provocateurs periodically tell us that this or that nation will cope on their own, while the rest allegedly only slow them down. Free Idel-Ural has already declared this and will continue to declare it until everyone remembers: we have an example of what happened to Ichkeria – we should not repeat the same mistake and be left alone with the monster. Each nation of Idel-Ural is obliged to support the neighboring nation – who is also wishing for freedom. All together we should support the aspirations for independence and for peoples from other regions – they will support us in return. And then a storm will come for fascist Russia all at once and everywhere, and not just locally. While we are not free, any conflict only strengthens Moscow.

Let’s hold on to each other! For the sake of our common freedom!


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