Not karma, but the irony of fate? Nazi Mangushev, who performed with the skull of the killed Ukrainian soldier from Mariupol, was shot in the head

Not karma, but the irony of fate? Nazi Mangushev, who performed with the skull of the killed Ukrainian soldier from Mariupol, was shot in the head

During the night, he was taken to a neurosurgery unit in the occupied town of Kadyevka, Lugansk region, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Little chance of a full recovery is reported. According to the nature of the wound, it was made from a short-barrelled weapon, approximately 9 millimeters, close-up, occipital area, wound canal at the back down below 45 degrees.

So they got on their knees and shot in the back of the head. Looks like an execution. Only who executed? Ukrainians? Then why didn’t they kill it? Russian or pro-Russian allies? But for what reason? It is a pity that his skull is already in accordance with the old Turkic custom of a ritual cup, like the Pecheng Khan Kurya from the skull of Prince Svyatoslav the Brave, not to make it raw material with a defect. Russians have everything like this: as you look closely – defective or defective, shit, in a word!

The author does not believe in karma, but believes in the irony of fate, which sometimes turns into sarcasm. That happens. A friend of the author once bought an expensive crystal vase from a drunkard on the street, which he had kept from home, for a humiliatingly ridiculous price, and knocked it in half. At first, by the way, the vase was offered to the author, but he refused – it just became pity of the man, pity of his wife, for whom the vase is a value and, perhaps, pride, thought – our male business is such… Maybe he’ll have to sell his stuff to passers-by on the street… In short, three years later, all her accumulated dollars were stolen from this very vase in the apartment of this friend, 12-13, if memory serves. But is that karma? Can Her Majesty Destiny pursue unfortunate troughs like my acquaintance or Igor Mangushev? For Destiny to deal with such trifles. And well, the author will tell you that this chauvinist hollow on the stage held a skull in his hands, and it flew right into his head, and if he had talked about the pelvic parts, then death could have been quite shameful: on the proctologist’s desk with a shovel holder in… Well, in short, his Russian god wouldn’t have likened him to a heroic death.

We do not know anything about the owner of the infamous skull – according to Mangushev, it belonged to a Ukrainian warrior who died for his ideals and in his place. Why did Mangushev die? For Russia? Why, then, was he slapped in the rear of the Russian troops – it looks like his own? So either they had different ideals, or the guy betrayed those ideals. Well, okay, whatever happens. It’s one thing to be a stand-up comedian, it’s another thing to be in a trench under gunfire. Maybe where he screwed up, he gave a soft spot.

You and I wouldn’t say anything about this ambiguous event and laugh at someone else’s deadly mess, but, I’m sorry, who started it first? Me and someone else’s skull didn’t get on the stage or start joking. Sorry, think about what you’re doing! It’s not Mangushev’s author, he’s telling all Russians. And just in case, he reminds all interested persons: there is another Milchakov from St. Petersburg – an ideological Russian Nazi. Let’s not forget about him!

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