Nikolaev, occupation, culture and children: what do they have in common?

Nikolaev figured out how to spread Chuvash culture throughout the world – just conquer foreign countries and take children from there to Chuvashia, where people will supposedly instill in them love for Chuvash culture (in fact, for the Russian culture of the regional Chuvash style).

On the eve of World Parents’ Day and World Children’s Day, the occupying power of Chuvashia is once again “joining” kidnapping. No matter how colorful videos you shoot, no matter how you cajole children for such filming – according to international law, Nikolaev and Co. are committing a war crime. The occupying forces have no right to take children anywhere, since the children are citizens of another country, and this country did not give permission for their removal.

In total, Nikolaev promised to take out about 300 children from Berdyansk. To take them out, brainwash them and bring them back.


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