Next move is due to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Next move is due to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Military experts agree that in the ХХІ century, the level of equipment of the warring parties with reconnaissance and tracking equipment (space, aviation, electronic ground one) is such that it is absolutely not worth counting on sudden breakthroughs of the front and the lack of preparation of enemy troops. In addition, the availability of contacts with agents in the rear (due to mobile communications) and the possibility of recruiting and operational espionage through social networks create a situation where everyone knows everything about each other. In such a situation, the availability of modern weapons, the preparation of troops, their material and technical provision (namely logistics) and the military skill of military leaders come to the fore in waging war. And, of course, the military spirit of the soldiers!

Recently, in spite of the propaganda dexterity that makes it possible to create a candy from sh…, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation somehow did not work out very well. The biggest success was in Bakhmut – they managed to overcome the Ukrops and occupy the city completely. But upon closer examination it turned out that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is not planning any further development of the offensive from this bridgehead … And, excuse me, what for tens of thousands of Russians were killed there? Though they are convicts, but still their own, Russian. Why the hell?! And what to do next now? The fact that the Russian army is no longer capable of attacking became clear to the last jingoistic fool in the country and abroad. And how will Great Putin get out further, in this case?

And he is going to do the only thing he can do – he will become even more atrocious! As in Syria, for example! Do you remember Aleppo? So he will do the same with Ukraine! He will bomb residential buildings at night – as before, in fact, he bombed, but only stronger, with all the remaining rusty, incomplete, outdated, but still deadly force for normal people. To shell and bomb residential areas, power plants, main water and gas pipelines. I am not even talking about schools, hospitals, cultural facilities.

So yesterday morning we learned about a new crime in Russia – the explosion of the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. The waters of the Kakhovka Sea have already flooded the villages of Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk regions, 80 settlements are facing the threat of flooding. The further consequences of the artificial man-made disaster have not yet been fully calculated and understood … The destruction of the hydroelectric power station is considered a weapon of mass destruction and a war crime of indiscriminate action, according to Article 56 of the Additional Protocol of 1977 to the Geneva Convention.

And at the same time, a new nasty news – the Russians want to shift the responsibility for undermining the dam to the “cruel Ukrops”!

Russians, Russians blew it up! Do not consider us fools. Ukrainians would never arrange the ecological catastrophe at home! Ukrainians are deprived of the instinct of destruction, they try to save everything and use it with benefit in the household. Here they are similar to Tatars. And the fact that the katsaps bring explosives to the territory of the machine room of the hydroelectric power station was reported several months ago. And the participants of the “action” have already let it slip. At 6 am the gauleiter of Novay Kakhovka said that there was no explosion, and we do not know why the water rose, probably it was just a small leak due to previous damage … At about 7 am, the gauleiter abruptly changes his rhetoric and says: it was shelling from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Russian propagandists do not keep up with the change of manuals – they continue to lie that the dam used to be shelled, and then it became tired and broke down a little. Their other colleagues rejoice at the successful operation: the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the islands are flooded due to the explosion, the Ukrops escape and evacuate. Hooray, look, Ukrops are being defeated on the islands. And when it comes to the Russians what scale of the catastrophe they created, the consequences of which are almost like of Chernobyl, the Russian information space dramatically changes its tone: this is a special operation by Bankova.

You can ask any sapper specialist – and he will explain everything in detail: it is impossible to cause such destruction with the blow from outside, except perhaps with an atomic bomb. Here, putting explosive substances inside the dam and not in one place, and in volume no less than a KamAZ.

Putin will be atrocious, but what will Zelenskyi do? One can reasonably assume some steps of the Ukrainian army. Nobody will climb ahead like Wagner near Bakhmut, in Ukraine they value human lives, perhaps because of the already mentioned thriftiness … The Armed Forces of Ukraine will fight with cunning and art, setting intractable tasks for Gerasimov and Shoigu. Why intractable ones? Because near Bakhmut there was such a concentration of artillery equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation that allowed to create the notorious “wall of fire” that destroyed Ukrainian soldiers along with buildings, structures, and infrastructure. But it is possible to concentrate forces in this way only in certain sections of the front. But what about those areas where this is not possible? But what about the rear, the territory of Russia itself? To withdraw troops from the front to defend the rear? Then the front will collapse!

In childhood, my friends and me stole grapes in similar way: one person blatantly, in plain sight, teasing and swearing the watchman, ran into the collective farm vineyard, and while the watchman was in a hurry to catch him, the guys were picking grapes from the other, far end of the row.

Rumor has it that Prigozhin and the Wagners militants will be transferred to Belgorod. Maybe this will somehow affect the raids of the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps… But it is unlikely that  it will be easy for the Wagner prisoners … They ran into the wrong ones!

An indicator of the reliability of our assumptions is the hysterical tone of propagandists on Russian talk shows, reports from overcrowded evacuation centers, videos with wounded and morally broken Russian war prisoners, reports of Russian bloggers about rampant looting in settlements where authorities left with the military. After all, the fact that the fighting in the borderlands has been going on for days and is gradually growing. An effective method of defense has not yet been found, it is necessary to withdraw troops from the front, and there are already problems with combat-ready units. Is it possible, as in a joke, to organize a “wall of fire” in Shebekino?

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