New “Freedom of кussia” or a mimicry of the old prison of nations?

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the russian army, the Freedom of russia movement under the white-blue-white flag, which used to be the flag of the now-defunct Novgorod Republic, became very widespread.

Красивая и лживая подводка

Moreover, the participants of this movement directly indicate where this flag is taken from: “The flag of a renewed and free russia will originate in Novgorod, the city which became a stronghold of russian democracy.

Instead of the imperial double-headed eagle, the new coat of arms is a stylized diving falcon, which is very similar to and in fact is the Ukrainian coat of arms.

Who needs all this and why?  Even the most inveterate imperialists are well aware that if russia loses this war, russia itself can no longer exist. At least within its current boundaries. Or maybe not at all.

So disguising the empire as a democratic state may be the only way to save it somehow.

However, in addition to this there are a number of nuances.

Очередная кремлевская джамахирия

First, having seized Kherson region, the rashist occupants designated the white-blue-white flag with the two-headed eagle as the flag of the “Kherson Republic”…

Флаг и герб Новгородской Республики

Secondly, the fact is that the Novgorod Republic was not a “stronghold of russian democracy. It was an independent and sovereign country, which Muscovy seized and subjugated militarily. Some time later, because of regular uprisings of the population of the occupied lands against the invaders, the Tsar of Muscovy Ivan IV the Terrible carried out genocide of Ilmen Slovenes – the main population of the former Novgorod Republic.

That is, everything is quite usual: seizure of a foreign country, extermination of the indigenous population, appropriation of its history, symbols and customs …

Типичный демократ по версии московитов

When russian occupation troops seized Mariupol, the kremlin propagandists filmed a video about these events at the Azovstal plant. In Ukrainian. The reasoning was, “We’re taking this language as a spoils of war.

Имперский автозак уже издавна в цветах «нового» флага. Перекрашивать не придется.

Hiding behind the flag of the Novgorod Republic, the empire is once again trying to take the “spoils of war” from those who have been gone for centuries, before the eyes of the world. No, for the empire exterminated them. But you can’t just “wipe away the blood. Because history is not erased, no matter how much effort an empire puts into it…


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