Navalny fled to Manchuria

Navalny fled to Manchuria

After the German attack on June 22, 1941 and heavy defeats of the Red Army, the USSR was forced to enter into an alliance with Great Britain and then, on July 30, 1941, sign an agreement with the legitimate Polish government that was in London.

The document spoke about the restoration of diplomatic relations, the invalidation of the Soviet-German treaties of 1939 “regarding territorial changes in Poland”, the release of all Polish citizens who were in Soviet camps, prisons and in exile – prisoners of war, prisoners, exiles and deportees – and about the formation of the Polish army on the territory of the USSR for the joint struggle against Germany.

Negotiations were underway to create the army of General Anders. It was planned that units of Polish volunteers from among the Polish military personnel captured at the beginning of World War II would join the Red Army for joint action against the German armies that at that time had noticeable success on the Eastern Front. On December 3, 1941, a personal meeting between J.V. Stalin took place in the Kremlin with the Polish Prime Minister, General Wladyslaw Sikorski, who had arrived in Moscow, and General Wladyslaw Anders, who had recently been released from prison and was then the commander of the Polish army in the USSR. Joseph Vissarionovich’s reaction to the question about the fate of 20,000 captured Polish officers was interesting and revealing. General Anders took the opportunity to raise this alarming topic, citing numerous requests not only from their families, the Polish and International Red Cross, but also from the Polish government and military command. Previously received answers from Soviet authorities were unchanged – “we have no information.” Stalin, not at all embarrassed, gave the members of the Polish negotiating delegation a mocking, arrogant answer right in the face, “But they fled… fled to Manchuria!”

Subsequently, this story – the extrajudicial murder of 14,500 Polish prisoners of war and 7,305 prisoners, by decision of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of March 5, 1940, was called the Katyn crime.

The execution itself took place in strict secrecy. In the prison, the prisoners believed rumors that they would be sent to be transferred to neutral countries or to Germany. Hoping for an improvement in their fate, they eagerly awaited their departure with the next group. It is not excluded that these rumors were spread by order of the prison administration, who sought to prevent any resistance from the prisoners. To calm down the prisoners more, immediately before the next group left the prison, those who were going to be sent were given letters and postcards from their families detained in March.

A sad allusion to Stalin’s cynical answer has to be cited to decipher the fact of the death of Alexei Navalny, who was previously poisoned by “novichok”, miraculously saved, and then imprisoned in a strict regime colony. The trial and sentence of Navalny was not a surprise, and it looked like bragging of the punitive law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation with their unlimited power, complete with Jesuit consistency. After all, for Russian “chekism” it means nothing that you are a politician of the highest level, all the world’s media write about you, you are personally acquainted with world leaders. They planned to kill – and they killed…

And now Putin has demonstrated to the entire civilized world his complete and final impunity, “I can torture in prison a politician inconvenient for me for three years, get him rotted in punishment cells, and you cannot do anything to me, in principle, you are not able to influence me in any way. No one in the world can influence me! I do what I want! You are nobody, an empty place, because you depend on your voters, parliaments, laws, and I can do whatever I want. Everything you were capable of, all your pseudo-sanctions, you already applied when I attacked Ukraine. But Russia survived them all, outwitted everyone and continues to fight! And I do not care about you!” This is Putin’s message to “the city and the world”!

But this is for foreign countries. And inside Russia, V.V. Putin follows the role model of his ideological predecessor – in Stalin’s style he mocks the relatives and friends of the late Alexei Navalny, “he died – no, we do not know for sure yet,” “a blood clot broke off – or maybe not a blood clot, the analysis will show the cause”, “the relatives can take the body – yes, they can, but we do not know where it is”, “where to look for it – it is not in the colony, the investigative authorities do not have it, it is not in the morgue”… Soon it is about to sound like, “But he probably escaped… escaped to Manchuria! Ha-ha-ha!” And the Americans, the collective West, are to blame for everything, they had a profit in killing Navalny, Putin had nothing to do with it – this was what Krasovsky, Skabeeva, Simonyan and other Kremlin drain tanks say!

But we know that the elimination of political rivals is carried out only by the direct orders of Putin! This is not a business to squeeze out; they act here only on the go-ahead of Vladimir Vladimirovich.


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