“Moscow” sunk to the bottom

“Moscow” sunk to the bottom

On the 13th of April, as a result of being hit by two Ukrainian anti-ship missiles “Neptune”, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, the cruiser “Moscow” went to the bottom of the Black Sea.

The stricken Russian cruiser “Moscow” received significant damage as a result of the attack by the Armed Forces, and after a fire broke out it capsized and began to sink.

Russian official media report that “there was a fire on the cruiser, the ammunition detonated, the crew was evacuated”. Such an explanation for the serious military losses of the Russian Federation has already become commonplace. However, awkward attempts to explain the loss of the flagship of the “second largest army in the world” by an accidental fire should cause only one feeling in the Russians – shame.

Ridiculous and shameful. But what turns out – ironically, the Neptune is a modified Soviet anti-ship missile that was supposed to sink NATO ships. What a mission!

And this ship was armed to the teeth with anti-aircraft missiles and to shoot down an anti-ship missile should be a simple and routine task for it (and even its direct job). For this, it had as many as three types of anti-aircraft weapons: long-range S-300 systems against any targets at any heights (as many as 16 launchers and 64 missiles in stock – a very heavy, expensive and long-range thing), for the midrange was the “Wasp” (according to two on each side), and on the short-range was rapid-fire AK-630 (6 on each side). And everything went wrong, nothing worked. There was a crew of 500 people.

The ship was hit at night, when two-meter waves rose, quickly, and as they say, the possibility of evacuation was difficult due to weather conditions and the speed of flooding.

The main purpose of the cruiser was to use it as a naval air defense system to combat the “Bayraktars”. By the way, it was allegedly “distracted” by shooting at the latter when it was hit. At the same time, air defense systems – and especially long-range S-300 types – are already far and few in Russia (mostly everything is short and medium-range, but long-range ones are already in short supply).

Interestingly, two “Neptune” rockets lowered the flagship to the bottom of the sea on Neptune Day. Even the ancient Roman gods are fighting against the bloody Kremlin.

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