“Mordovian culture” is when national culture is made russified

The so-called “ethnic terrace” in the capital of the republic has retained only the name “Inenarmun” from the Erzya language. There is neither a menu nor service in Erzya language. It is unlikely that Ineshkipaz would have ordered the executor of his will to speak in a foreign language to the Erzyans and on Erzyan land. After all, he ordered the Erzyans to take care of their land, and not about the development of the culture and language of newcomers from a foreign land.

Who said that people do not have a demand for their national culture in their national language? Nobody except Russian TV. If people are truly interested in the culture of a nation, they will also be interested in the language. Otherwise, this is no longer an ethnic terrace, but just another interior design – one of millions of varients without its own history and without symbolism. Culture cannot be preserved this way. It should be not only visible, but also audible. The national language is part of the culture, and culture is part of the language. Separately, they cannot be complete.


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