Mariinka no longer exists

Mariinka no longer exists

Here is an illustration for the topic: Where does Russian taxpayers’ money go? Do you remember, a few years ago they wrote about super-income from oil – we are filling the Stabilization Fund, the Fund of the Future and other funds focused on the development of the country…? And what do we have now? Some money was pumped in the war, some money was frozen with a dubious prospect of return, some money would have to be used to restore the “liberated territories”… Can you imagine these amounts destroyed in the name of who knows what? Nabiullina is patching up holes, but this money could be spent for growth, for progress, for a peaceful, prosperous life! Where is it now, this peaceful life, where can we look for it? Probably right there, in the vast expanses of the destroyed Mariinka.

This dust is the remains of the town with a population of 10,000. The Russian Nazis completely cleared the city of its population during these years. Including the population that considered themselves Russian. Therefore, when you hear from Russians that Russians themselves will decide how to live, do not believe them, because they themselves will not live, and they will not let anyone live.

Now funds will be allocated for these ruins from each or any specific republic for pretentious and large-scale reconstructions of the ashes. The funds will be allocated even if the Russian occupation contingent loses control over this territory. There will be almost no construction or restoration, but virtual reconstructions in the wonderful world of pro-Russian information dumps will be held regularly.

And the same situation is with every city that is captured by the underempire. The more of them there are, the higher the pressure on our budgets. Although the cities will continue to be in ruins. And they will be in ruins, because restoring them is not profitable for Russia – it is profitable for it to take even larger volumes of currency from our republican budgets than it was before the war. And all this is in addition to the human resources that we are losing. Pro-Russian or not pro-Russian, if they worked or spent money at our place, they brought income to our budgets. Now there are none of them, but the volumes sent to Moscow will only increase.


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