Mankurts of Bashkortostan in the service of Moscow

Mankurts of Bashkortostan in the service of Moscow

One of the main and most effective tools for the destruction of any national movement is the taming of mankurts – traitors who carry out the dirtiest orders of the colonialists in relation to their oppressed people. A case in point is Kadyrov, appointed by Moscow as the governor of Chechnya, on whose instructions hundreds of Chechens are kidnapped, tortured or killed.

Repressions have not only a physical dimension, but also produce a strong psychological impact. When prominent national figures, representatives of scientific and creative intellectuals become traitors, this, in the opinion of the occupier, should break down our spirit, undermine our faith in victory and independence.

That is why the repressive apparatus (primarily the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs) recruits a number of agents (informers, provocateurs, influencers, trotters, etc.) into its service specifically from national intellectuals. So Moscow solves several problems at once: 

🔹 demoralization (as discussed above);

🔹justification of the colonial position of Bashkortostan. 

A Bashkir investigator, a Tatar criminalist, a Chuvash expert are rather convenient tools of national oppression. They know the weak points to better target them. They also create the right picture. Like, “there is no colony”,  in our country, the Bashkirs themselves are fighting against extremists and terrorists;

🔹 undermining the potential of national movement (the way back to the community is closed to exposed agents and revealed traitors). For example, all the merits of a Bashkir language teacher are crossed out if he/she suddenly turns out to be an “expert” who helped the Chekists to repress patriots;

🔹 the use of undisclosed secret agents in the future independent Bashkortostan for covert operations, controlling them through compromising recruitment.

So, let’s begin.

Nurmukhametova Irina Faskhutovna, Associate Professor of the Department of General Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Ufa University of Science and Technology, PhD (Psychological Sciences). More than 10 years ago, she agreed to cooperate with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkortostan as an “expert in countering the ideology of terrorism and preventing extremism.” No later than in 2015, she began to fabricate expert examinations at the request of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Bashkortostan.

She acts as an expert for conducting complex psychological studies of the intelligence surveillance performance. In fact, she makes decisions on the eavesdropping evidence, comments on social networks, personal correspondence, etc. Only in recent years  she has decided on such high-profile cases:

Alchynov F.F. (“Bashkurt”);

Sharafutdinov M.K. (“Bashkurt”);

Amanov R.S. (“Bashkort”);

– Ufa Headquarters of Navalny followers;

Jan Grim and his poetry.

She has submitted damning conclusions (which have not been requested yet, but procedurally drawn up and signed by Nurmukhametova) against the following Bashkir activists: Shugaip Usmanov, Hismatulla Yuldashev, Sangat Tuktamyshev, Ramil Khisametdinov, Rafis Baimuratov, Zagit Sultanov, Alfiya Yusupova, Valiahmet Badretdinov, Artur Tuigunov.

The examination she had carried out, in relation to the participants of the Bashkir rally on September 16, 2017, helped Irina Faskhutovna solve one private issue regarding her work (then still at Bashkir State University). “True friends” from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkortostan came to the rescue.

The rationale for Nurmukhametova’s recruitment was financial incentives (one of the most trivial and common motives for cooperation with both the cops and the FSB). The official fee for one examination fluctuates between 15-30 thousand rubles (net). However, the most interesting examinations are those that immediately receive a request indicating specific conclusions, as in the case of the “Bashkort participants” (that is, the investigator himself formulates what he needs to receive from the expert). For such examinations, there may be an extra “award” from the investigator. Sometimes its amount several times exceeds the official bribe. 

Given that the monthly salary of Irina Faskhutovna does not exceed 100 thousand rubles, even 2-3 examinations per month make in fact the second salary, but if you are lucky to accomplish an order for the investigator, then you can earn a couple of thousand dollars in a month.

The curator of Irina Faskhutovna (he gives instructions, agrees on the necessary expert opinions, agrees on the amount of “award”) is the senior investigator for especially important cases of the Crimes and Organized Crime Investigation Unit of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkortostan, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice Musina Enzhe Fanilevna – a serviceable and devoted to the authorities person (for a bonus and promotion, she would conduct an examination even in relation to her mother; such people are highly valued by the leadership in the Investigation Unit of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkortostan).

Currently Nurmukhametova is experiencing her finest hour – the officers are queuing for her examinations: mass eavesdropping , comments and posts on social networks, recorded conversations at workplaces, perusal of personal correspondence. In short, it’s time to buy a new apartment.

To be continued


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