London in 3 days

There are at least two plans simultaneously: the first one is to prepare the population for a “temporary” defeat in Ukraine in view of the fact that “they didn’t expect all NATO to fight,” and the second plan is to seize all of Europe. It is relevant even now, although the expected terms and perception of the war have already changed.

And they will not give up the second plan, because they really hoped to capture Ukraine in 3 days and with almost no losses. So it is obvious that the masses of zombie cannon fodder were preparing and are preparing from infancy not at all for battles with Ukraine. You don’t need millions and millions of zombies if you’re going to fight a country that you don’t even consider a serious adversary. Decades of preparation for this war are not required.

After all, the first clear hints that the Kremlin was preparing the Third World War were back in 2007-2008. Even before the second attack on Georgia.

In propaganda (most often the “yellow press” and “viral” videos), all this was presented as some kind of “prophecy and revelation” of all sorts of “old men-hieromonks” or “old Vanga”. But the dates 2022-2024 always appeared quite clearly in these “prophecies” – they then called this period the “epoch of the stillbirths”.

There were similar stuffing as well in rubbish literature of the Muscovites. Remember that exactly 2007-2010 were the period when kind of fantastic books about the war with Ukraine and NATO began to be massively replicated. It is not without reason that this garbage literature began to be thrown onto the market in very large volumes, although usually such a genre has only its own certain small niche of consumers. There was such a state order.

The population was prepared precisely for this and precisely for these years. Or did you really believe Putin that a big war is started when the right situation suddenly arises? No, they prepared, and thoroughly. It is necessary not only to prepare the population – it is necessary to accumulate resources, equipment, to flood enemy countries with the agents. Just like that, not a single big war in the modern world can start.

They really didn’t expect Ukraine to resist this, and therefore they didn’t prepare for a war with Ukraine – they were preparing for a war with NATO and really hoped for the active participation of China and Iran in this. The New Triple Alliance. The New Axis Countries. And Ukraine has changed everything.

But the women will still give birth, so the idea of capturing Europe is still relevant for the rashists, and they really hope for this.


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