Life of a mankurt is worth nothing

Mankurts always complain that they were deceived and were not paid as much blood money as they were promised. But they do not complain about the fact that they do not have enough brains not to go to the war for this money. Here, for example, is how a fresh prisoner from Bashkortostan behaves.

That is, even understanding the injustice of the entire war and their insignificant role as cannon fodder, they would still go to the war if they were paid normally and were not deceived. This is a complete degradation of personality.

A similar war already took place when China attacked Vietnam in 1979. Then the Chinese also bombarded the enemy with cannon fodder, they also lost the huge army and did not achieve any significant goals, they also exterminated the local population and completely wiped out cities, declaring that they were defending their homeland from an impending attack from Vietnam, which allegedly wanted to create a stroke unit from the Indo-China countries.

The war was almost completely identical to the current one, with the exception of three factors:

1. The USSR pursued a more decisive policy than NATO is pursuing now, so the Chinese were directly shown the high probability of an attack from the Soviet Union.

2. Chinese soldiers did not kill for money. They did not go voluntarily. They were all told that if they deserted, their family would be exterminated to the third generation. They were told this directly and literally. Whereas the Russians, even in the war prison, do not consider it necessary to be ashamed of the fact that they themselves, of their own free will, came for blood money.

3. Means of communication in those days were less developed, and most of the Chinese who were then sent to the massacre could not even read – the guys from the remote rural areas of the Celestial Empire simply could not find out information from somewhere outside of propaganda. Meanwhile, the supporters of the Russian regime, even from the most remote areas of the Russian Federation, know and see everything perfectly well. But in their heads there is still a sense of all-permissiveness and impunity when collaborating with the empire. After all, this is the kind of thinking that Moscow instills in everyone from childhood – if you are for us, then you can commit any crime and nothing will happen to you for it.

China achieved nothing then, lost the war, lost up to 62,000 soldiers, but informed its population of victory. This is the price of life in an empire – you can die any moment for nothing at all at the whim of the rulers, and after death no one will even remember about you, since China announced the death of only 7,000 soldiers. The same thing awaits the population of the Russian Federation if we still fail to break up this abscess into parts. War for nothing, for the sake of war – one after another and endlessly. Just to fight. Because as long as there is an “external enemy”, the population does not look at the crimes of the king-emperor and his retinue, but, on the contrary, unites around them.


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